Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Throughout your life you're smoldering
gently with a fire that will eventually
consume you.  Some fear it as mortality, 
others embrace it as passion.  You have
no way of knowing how much fuel you have.
Some people burn like a bonfire and die
peacefully at 94.  Some people burn like a
candle and die before they are 30.  When it
comes to life, there's no justice or logic when
 it comes to length, There's only the ability to make
the best of if.  -Theo Lister

Its no small thing to have a cop for a son.  No small thing.  I may have an inner battle  with this for   many years to come...for he was to be a NURSE,  dagnabit!!...if I was in charge of the world.
And now 14 whole days have passed.  They have passed quickly...for hes not actually been on the streets...until today.  14 days ago he was awarded his shiny star and can now carry a gun.  In fact..he has to carry a gun 24-7. In and out of uniform. gulp. I've had  14 days for it to sink in.  What will it take for it to sink in?
Today he gets in a cop car with a partner and begins to see the streets of Vegas through a policeman's eyes.  (but seriously...I dont want to think about this yet.  Ha I dont think about it every waking moment!!)
Today i want to remember the celebration!  To remember the overwhelming show of support from dear family.  I want to remember the high that I was on watching Rob reach the end of his grueling training...knowing to my toes just how well he has been take care of himself first and the community next.  I will try to remember that all the family and friends that were there  will also be praying for Rob as much as me!! What a blessing!!
It was a beautiful day, a proud day, a day I wont soon forget.
I try mightily to not think about whats in store for him in the coming years.  I try to remember how happy this makes him.  How hard he has worked for this.  He and Chelsea have done much together...for he couldn't have done it without her support and encouragement.
God bless you Rob, this week and always!! Please!!!

Color Guard...opening ceremony

Waiting for his turn to get his badge...perfect attention!!
Police Chief pinning on Robs star/badge.

Its Official!!

proud Mom and Dad (with prankster brother in the background...way to go Joe!!)

Before he was even allowed off the stage I snagged a pic!!

Look at those proud of their daddy!!

Couldnt be prouder!!

Joe and Natalie...all the way from Lehi, Utah...Robs next younger brother.
Clark and Jenna...all the way from Kansas City...taking a break from medical school.

My brother Joe...or to Rob...Uncle Joe...all the way from Highland, Utah...interrupting a family vacation to join us and congratulate Rob.

Brian and Mericar...all the way from Coalville, brother.

Scott and Trisha...all the way from St George, Utah!! Bless them!!
J.J. Rogers and Kim and Sharon Rogers...all the way from Arizona for the festivities!!

Lisa and Janessa....Chelsea's mom and sister...all the way from North Salt Lake!

My dad!! Or to Robby...Grandpa Sharp...all the way from St George, Utah.

What a great bunch of them all!!  BLESS YOU ALL!!  Anna...this is the only pic I have of you!!! Sorry


Bob said...

So proud of you Rob.

Sharon said...

Three cheers!! Heck, a hundred cheers!! Way to go. Be safe.

Pamela Hill said...

Wonderful! So proud of him. Hang in there Cindy.

Jared + Carly Reid said...

This is incredible! Way to go Robby!!

PC Ehlert Family News said...

Wish we could of been there in person to see this proud moment. Way to go Rob! You'll serve well-trained and with "heart"!