Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Learning sleeps and snores in libraries,
but wisdom is everywhere, wide awake, on tip toe.
-Josh Billings

Dearest Clark and Jenna
I know it didnt take a lot of arm twisting to get you out to beautiful Utah for Christmas break...but it did seem a bit tedious for you once you got here, maybe...due to flu and an overwhelming amount of family wishing to spend time with you both.(But cafe rio was worth it alone right!!??)
O how very grateful we all are that you came!! My guess is that  it'll go down as one of the more memorable holidays for most us us. How often will we get the whole family together again?  Hopefully many, many, many, times..but one never knows when the Universe is in charge do we?
If I were in charge  we gladly  eat, visit, watch movies and visit some more..for it should happen as often as possible!! When the Universe is in charge we learn to grab every opportunity to be together...for time seems to whizzz by and we always seem too busy for our own good...except maybe for you two at you make your way thru medical school.
Every moment with you was a treasure. The cold temps were bracing, the flu sucked, and the constant questioning about your schooling may have been a drag...but all in all we hope the week was as good for you as it was for the rest of us.
I loved visiting, eating out, playing games, watching movies, and just hanging out doing make-up. I loved that we were together for New Years Eve...thanks always to Hotel Ehlert and friends!!
Family Family Family!!! Its ones greatest we thank you for the  sharing of yourselves! Thank you for the memories! Hopefully your batteries have been recharged, and your burnout and fatigue have been extinguished.  And that  you will once again enjoy the rigors of school.
You are a remarkable couple.   Your strengths and your weaknesses will all  work for your betterment if you let them alchemize into something rare and precious. I see glimmers of greatness  and beauty already. Be patient with one another. Find your path...your happiness...and live in the present....for that is our own greatest gift.
Nobody knows where your journey  will lead you....but as it has been made blatantly apparent to you again over this break, we all want to watch, learn and encourage you along your way....whereever it may take you.
Happy New Years you two!
You are loved!!

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