Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

A Weekend of Gifts

You loved Ferris Wheels more than roller
coasters because life shouldnt be lived at
full speed, but in anticipation and appreciation.
from: Making Faces
by: Amy Harom

I know, I know...Christmas is over.
But I love the weekends that still feel a little like this last one most certainly did!!
Gift  #1 arrived in the mail ...from far off  Blessed St George!!
There's nothing better than homemade granola ...blended together by the loving hands of 'grandma' Stephenson.  Thank you dear dearest mother-in-law and grandmother to my kids and great grandma to my grands!! Thank you!!  (I think I was lucky enough to snag one bowl of the divine concoction before it disappeared.  Rationing next year....hiding it under the bed!!!)

Company arrived!! We LOVE company on the any time!!

Gift #3-
Soup!! But in truth..the word soup is not adequate enough to describe our Sunday meal. Im sure there's a better word...probably in Italian...for the bowls that were placed before us last night.   Soup is just to simple a term. For when you think soup you probably think of Campbells or even Top-Ramen,  But this 'soup was food fit for the gods...starting with Brazilian gods...for it was a Brazilian dish, tweeked by Mericar.  You SHOULD be JEALOUS!!!

Gift #4-
Fog is a gift.  All weekend it was foggy...pea soup foggy. Fog is so much better than snow and freezing temps.  Every mild day in January is a gift.  Any day that  isnt like lasts years January is a gift.  Thank you God!

Gift #5
We had game night...and day!! First bowling...then the kiddies went to bed and we played Phase 10! It was fun!! Why dont we do it more often??!!  TV always sucks us in.

Life is good!!

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Jared + Carly Reid said...

Loved catching up on your blog as I sit here and feed Ollie, Aunt Cindy! I love you so much and am do proud of you for the new outlook on life you have. From an outsider looking in, you really have such a beautiful life, surrounded by family, good health, the gospels and such a beautiful new home! I love it! You have had done REALLY hard times but I can see the Lord pulling through. One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Cor 2:9. Get ready! :)