Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
An Indian legend holds that celestial hunters
turn the leaves yellow by cooking meat over
an open fire and splattering fat all over the 
Western science offers a less colorful explanation:
the leaves simply stop producing chlorophyll, the
chemical that makes them look green(and nourishes
the tree).  Yellow pigment that has been over 
shadowed all summer by the chlorophyll now 
emerges from hiding and becomes dominant.
In other words, the leaves' warm-weather makeup
wears off to reveal the natural surface
underneath; yellow is the leaves true color. Try 
using that explanation next time someone remarks
on your graying hair.
from: Buck Creek

THis photo was taken before the excruciating back pain of last week and before the hellish snow and wind of this week.  It was taken when autumn was fun.  Girls were adorning my hair with the largest leaves they could find from off the school yard.   As I said it was when autumn was warm and inviting.
Then the Universe pulled a fast one on me.  Last week I was completely incapacitated with back pain...pain like I've never experienced before.  Thank heavens its now time for the arctic  weather to rear its ugly,cold head.  In time for me to now stand out on this same school yard for an hour at recess...grumbling quietly under my breath and shivering like those autumn leaves were before falling to the ground. Now Im a planning a shopping spree to the nearest sporting goods store for real winter boots and under armor!!  Gym shoes wont cut it here in Logan Utah and nether will my beloved the winter.  Its dang cold!!!

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