Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I do not believe that the inscrutable
universe turns on an axis of suffering;
surely the strange beauty of the world
must somewhere rest  in  pure joy!
from: The Artist Way
by: Louise Bogan

For some strange reason this picture of yummy butterscotch pudding made me cry this morning.
I've  realized that I am Not taking the time for the simple pleasures much any more.
Good and generous loving friends and family are my life line and I have been leaning heavily on them of late.
When was the last time I made butterscotch pudding for those I love and for myself?
Here I sit, wondering when my life is going to start again...
And its happening all around me.

When am I going to STOP seeing my glass half empty?
and go back to seeing my glass overflowing!!
What am I waiting for!!!??
A home?
For the perfect job??
For perfect weather?
Till I have a dog?

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