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Welcome Jaycee Sharp!!!

When we ask for God's blessing, we're not
asking for more of what we could get  for
ourselves.  We're crying out for the wonder-
ful unlimited goodness that only God has
the power to know about or  give to us.
from: The Prayer of Jabez
by: Bruce Wilkenson

 Joshua, Jordan and Jaycee Sharp
Blessing day
December 21,2014

While eating dinner together the other night, My Builder, my Rock, my wise one, summed up our new life in our tiny home perfectly. He said, "I think we're comfortable in our cozy tiny house, but we're not yet satisfied."
 I agree with this statement...because I am indeed grateful for what we have right now...our tiny home in our tiny mobile home park. It is a blessing, for now.  (more on our tiny home to follow)  BUT...on the other hand we must remain convinced that there are still better things to come for us in the future.  We live and breathe hope.
(How's this for a long-winded preamble to last Sunday's blessed event?)
One of the very best things about living in Utah happened again last Sunday. My Builder and I traveled south for an easy hour and 45 min drive to Highland to take part in the blessing of the newest baby Sharp!!  Chubby, cherubic  Jaycee was given a name and a blessing by her newly devoted and darling daddy!! It was a momentous occasion for dear Joshua. First time Mormon daddies dream of the day they will someday bless their children.  It a beautiful tradition we have...blessing and welcoming babies into the world and into families by pronouncing blessings that they wish for their children upon their sweet, innocent heads.  Asking for God's watchful care, protection, and guidance on divine little spirits that are entrusted to us to care for and nurture  while here on earth is a wonderful thing. What a joyous occasion...having dozens and dozens of family and friends surrounding you and you small infant to supplicate God for His richest blessings on a newborn!! It is a beautiful thing indeed!!! We were so blessed to be apart of it!!
Merry Christmas Jaycee!!
Welcome to this world and to the family!!!
 Bro Joe...the newest Grandpa in the family!!

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Sharon Mae said...

So adorable! I think she'll measure up to all the beautiful grandchildren you already have :)