Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Nothing is ever lost in this adventure of all adventures.  The
lessons and discoveries of every single life, no matter how
large or small, difficult or easy, are added to the whole. Like
stones in the base of a pyramid, they permanently raise and 
forever support every manner of adventure that follows.  And 
so it is that the hearts of those that came first continue to
beat in all the subsequent generations forevermore.
from: Notes from the Universe
by: Mike Dooley

Ive been missing a golden opportunity to write!! Hand to forehead.....I should have been writing about my adventures at attempting to be a PE teacher at Ellis Elementary in Logan Utah!!  I've really blown it!
For some reason, with Friday being picture day at school, I became inspired.
I am surrounded by beautiful children every day now.  Each and every one of them are beautiful.  I've been at the school for a little over 2 months  and I am completely whipped. Whipped up in my heart and of course on many days, also whipped physically as well.
I teach K-5.
Sometimes I think Im nuts.
But then I  show-up and interact with the beautiful kids and Im ok. There are more beautiful dark skinned kiddos than we boring Caucasians.  I LOVE this!! Im learning so much.
So today Im thinking that every day should be picture day.  Most of the kiddos must have gotten up extra early yesterday so that their mothers could primp and shine them for school pics.  They were all so darling.

A game of HORSE...while waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

The kickball game in the afternoon. I know I should have
 gotten closer, but I couldnt resist the colors and the
 mountains and the single fluffy cloud. 

Every Friday I have the opportunity to take the 2nd graders, 
and 1st graders and then the kindergarteres for a walk 
around the help get the wiggles out and some fresh
 air in those tender lungs!! Good times!!!

This week and this whole month Im attempting to teach jump rope.  Who knew jump roping could be 'taught"!!??  Previously I thought you picked up a piece of rope and tripped and stumbled and tried to jump it until you got it!! But oh no...there are books written on the subject!! There's a technique!!  And as you can well imagine ...teaching a 5th grader is a whole different experience than it is when teaching a kindergartner!!  Oh my yes!!

Every night I lay in bed and question my sanity. What is a Mimi (a grandma) dong teaching PE to kids under the age of 11...Kids full of energy and enthusiasm and riddled with quirks !!  Really!!?? Who am I kidding!!??  But when Im there--inside the ancient  walls of Ellis...(Ellis is the oldest, function school in all of Utah) I find happiness.  Happiness and frustrations, in the midst of frequent chaos.  Im sure you can imagine me pulling my hair out at those times...oh me of little patience. Can you picture me blowing on a whistle...a whistle I HATE for it really hurts my ears!!??   Can you picture me in any of these scenarios? I usually cant either!!

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PC Ehlert Family News said...

Thanks for the fun peak into your latest adventure. Oh those kids are lucky. Way to go youthful Mimi!