Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
If I just concentrate I can walk into memory's store
and find the right shelf with the right film and 
disappear into it and still feel in my body that ride...
from: Out Stealing Horses
by: Per Petterson

While lounging by the pool with Lachlan the other day...(more on that occasion later) he asked me a question.  "What's your favorite thing Mimi?"
I ran thru several responses in my mind before replying.
Good sheets
Which are all good things, but things I could live without  if required of me.
But my answer to Lachlan and the true answer is this:
Its family vacations and family occasions.

A week ago we had a wonderful family occasion. It was Evelyns blessing day!! She is a blessing and a gift...and this was the day to bless her back with wonderful  promises from her father and God.  Its a wonderful tradition we Mormons our children and name and a blessing with priesthood power from on high.
This particular Sunday began with a delightful 2 hour drive from Logan to Lehi. And the morning only got better as we sat strategically placed to view all the folks streaming into the chapel.
First was-
Anna and David with Ben and Will.
Then came Brian and Mericar. (such a cute new couple!)
My brother Joe and Debbie with cute Amber in tow.
Then came the Andersons, Steve and Jenny and their handsome boys and sweet Daisy.
By now Im thinking, "Oh my,  how blessed I am to be a a part of such a magnificent, supportive, darling family."
Then in comes Kelly and Jace and Aly!
And then we see Paul and Ben and Matt too!!
Wow!! Its true! Our family really is the best!! And Im so lucky to be counted among such a fine group of people!

I should have counted how many menfolk stood and walked to the front of the chapel to "help" Joe bless princess Evelyn. I didnt count.  But I do remember wondering if there would be any room for all of them to stand shoulder to shoulder around that sweet baby girl as her father pronounced a blessing.  I believe they ended up standing 2 deep...a double ring around sweet girly...for of course there were plenty of good men from Natalie's side of the family too!!  Im also happy to report that Evelyn didnt squeak or cry during any part of the blessing. What a girl!!
Joe's blessing was beautiful, eloquent, from the heart and sweet as can be.  I dont remember many of the words..but I remember thinking and realizing once again how lucky Evelyn's going to be to have a daddy such as Joe.  Joe is so calm, cool and collected. He never causes a ruckus.  Im afraid he's a master of being overlooked.  We all know how blessed those dear kids are to have Natalie as their mommy...but Im guilty of not remembering the quiet goodness and power that Joe has in his possession ...all the way down to his toes.  He's a rock. And I loved being reminded of this at  special family occasions..which are indeed my very favorite things!!

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