Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
If you know its going to be a slog anyway,
why not choose to slog your own slog rather
than slogging someone else's slog?
from: Put a Cherry On Top
by: Ben Behunin 

Change is inevitable. And things are ALWAYS changing. Clark woke up one morning this week and said it was time for a change. ...that it was the day for a hair cut.
Many, many people are so pleased by Clarks 'transformation'  I love this mug no matter what.  I loved his long curly locks...and I now love this GQ look too.  And I love imagining their future... the changes that are in store for them as school begins far away Kansas City.

Big changes are in the works for me too.  They feel like big changes...again.
Im packing my bags..saying good-byes...and will be heading north again on Thursday.  I tell people that Im either landing in Salt Lake or Logan this time.  But deep in my heart I think Ill find myself back in Logan with my Builder...where I belong. (NOT in Logan...but with My Builder.) The 'experiment' of long distant relating didnt work as well as I expected. Marriage is hard enough..putting 600 miles between us was just not healthy or helpful. Im hoping for what wont feel like a step backwards, and find myself residing in Logan again..but if its necessary I will find a way to be happy about it!! There are two adorable grands there..and people I love very much.  There are probably 2 more months of decent weather in Logan...I should take advantage of that. But  I'll be doing my best to find our way to Salt Lake before winter hits in any way I can too.
If I 'feel' it in my'll happen.

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