Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Week In Review

Most of us are solar powered. We have to see the sun, 
or some similar brightness in order to find our happy buttons.
 Color, I believe, has a direct connection to those happy
 buttons. Color is healing.
from: Put A Cherry On Top
by: Ben Behunin

 A romp in the stream with Knox and Olive!!  My definition of bliss!!
When i was a young girl...way before parents felt it was unsafe to be alone and outside wandering and exploring by ones self...that is what I did.  I wandered and explored the woods and streams that always seemed so close by our house in either Maryland or upstate New York. The streams and ponds were my favorite hangout spots. Tadpoles, frogs, turtles, and newts were brought home to buckets that were kept in the garage for me to observe. Tiny footprints in the mud or sand and in the winter, in the snow, fascinated me. They stirred my imagination. My favorite book at the time was My Side of the Mountain. Living and thriving while calling home an old hollowed out tree stump was my idea of heaven. Add a pet raccoon...nirvana!! All these years later...and I think Im still the first to throw off the shoes and wade in, to find something new beneath the surface an inviting body of water.
 A baseball game for Lachlan...a perfect way to spend an evening! (except of course if I was being REALLY honest...I'd tell Lachlan that I miss his soccer games. I love to watch not so much.) But in the end...of course Mimi will follow him anywhere and be perfectly happy about it.

Im told by my mom that there were no real organized sport things going on when I was a young tike...which worked out fine for me. I was too busy playing outside in the mud and tramping through the woods to be bothered with organized sports.
 A happy balloon for my dad...'cause it was his birthday, and because Jenna is clever and fun loving!!! Olive Garden and good company!! The perfect ingredients for a happy day!! Love my dad!!
Some day My Builder will be surprised to discover a tattoo...but for now I was thrilled that Spark was willing to share some of his artistic talent and his newly purchased henna dye from Malaysia... and create a work of art on my ankle!! Oh how I wish it would last for more than a few days!! Thanks my love!!

In return...Clark received a pedicure ala me!!

It was a weekend full of birthdays!! How lucky we were to have Jenna in town to celebrate her 23rd birthday!! Homemade Ice Cream and Carrot cake!!Yum!! Love her!!

 Oh oh...Look what has happened to Lachlan....

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