Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
If you have time to chatter
Read books
If you have time to read
Walk into mountain, desert, and ocean
If you have time to walk
Sing songs and dance
Sit quietly, you happy lucky Idiot
from: Life Prayers From Around the World
by: Nahao Sakaki

 Pizza on the beach!! Really!! I ask you...does it get any better than that!!!???

 Never have I seen a child express such glee at being on the beach...maybe only I have been as silly as Ben on the beach. He would run fearlessly into the waves..with or without a sturdy hand. He would jump with joy with all the umph his little legs could muster. He could not get enough!! Yet another kindred spirit has been born!!

Every day we saw dolphin out beyond the surfers..almost always heading south...once we saw a seal. Knox caught sand crabs by the fistful...and we gathered buckets full of shells. Could this be me giving advise to surfers? I think not...

Bike rides on the fun, so interesting and even a bit challenging..weaving in and out around all the other hordes of folks vacationing in Newport Beach this weekend!! And the beach front property..oh my!!
Wedding flowers...sprucing up the already darling beach house. They too made us happy!!
 "Elder" Dan...soon to be hanging up his boogie board for a suit and missionary badge.
 Bri and Mericar came and spent an afternoon with us!! So fun to see the newlyweds! Brian gave surfing a try...and succeeded!!

Boogie Boarding is more my speed!!

The beach princess!

What a lovely partner in crime I have found in Chelsea...boogie boarding and then paddle boarding together!! So fun!! Paddle boarding was so  much easier than I thought it would be. Next time we're heading to the ocean for a try!!


Auntie Cathy said...

So fun to see what we missed! Only because it is the perfect beach vacation for your family. Love the pics. Congratulations on pulling it off!

Sharon said...

GaaaaaREAT photos!! Can't wait to go back in 2015! Your family is so adorable. Young and old! I should say "older". Young in spirit despite years, for sure!