Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Never, in peace or war, commit your virtue or your happiness
to the future.  Happy work is best done by the man who takes
his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment
to moment "as to the Lord."  It is only our daily bread that we
are encouraged to ask for.  The present is the only time
in which any duty can be done or any grace received.
from: Virtue and Vice
by: C.S. Lewis


Sharon said...

Nothing better than having your family around enjoying each other! Blessings abound!

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, you are sooooo a desert, mountain, st. George, kind of look healthy, tan, and full of life. I love the sunglasses...and the bracelets just ROCK this look so much better than the Logan look;). Have you moved back permanently? Write me. I would to hear from you! Your family is growing so many Grands as of now? We are at 9 and they are all under the age of 8! Morris lost his job on Friday a week ago....hope he finds somthing quickly ...I am still teaching! Happy Summer and write when you get a moment:)