Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
What you want to be eventually, that you must
be everyday; and by and by the quality of your
deeds will get down into your soul.
from: Put A Cherry On Top
by: Ben Behunin
quoting: Frank Crane

Can You Haiku?
We all know its a good thing to try something stretch and grow.
Its a goal of mine to be creative each day...whether its writing or some silly art project or taking the 'perfect' picture of the desert. Even cooking a new recipe could count...but heaven knows I havent tried that in a while.
Names come to mind...for me to try and write pay honor show them that  I love and admire them...
This time it was Blake Brindley..Brian's very best friend. But this time words were hard to come by for me with this handsome man. So I took my own challenge and tried a creative route..something I've not done since high school or college.  I thought I'd  learn about Haiku's again and see if I could compose one for him. Its a challenge...because the guidelines say that Haikus are normally written about nature and the senses. I wanted to write one about a person. (Im always pushing limits arent I?!)
But over a period of time and a creative push, I've 'created'  a few.

Growing old certainly does have its perks..Im printing these with hardly an ounce of concern for the opinions of others. Who cares. At least I tried. I enjoyed the experience of trying.

March winds
came two sons, different mothers
heavens' gift to one another.

(oops..haikus arent suppose to rhyme...)

Testosterone based
Lusting for life on edges
Starting  at noon.

Two bashful boys
turn statuesque and assured
sally forth good men


Many anxious nights
longing for returns
muffled footsteps bring relief 

I dont think I'll make a dime or earn any honors for my Haikus...but this truly was a fun learn and try my mind at something new. Hopefully Im a good example to Blake and always try new things. Or maybe in reality that is what they do for me..for they are masters of risk and new undertakings. oh to be young again. But not too young...
Love this what the two of them are for each other. Brothers from different mothers. They came into the world just a day apart...friends for a lifetime.
Godspeed are loved!!

There are so many fun sites to learn and to read haiku's. This site is one of my favorites. Check it out if you'd like. Go Here.

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