Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Those who move forward with a happy spirit
will find that things will always work out.
from: A Cherry on Top
quoting: Gordan B Hinckley
by: Ben Behunin

Dear Dan,
When I first start  writing about the people I love, I start a list in the margins of whatever notebook I have nearby. My list about you began like this...
1st...he flies under the radar. (note #27 below)
2nd...he's the youngest child..thus #1
3rd...teenage pranks and a drunk neighbor caused parents grief.
4th...feeling bad that we dont know each other very well..if we did, I think we'd discover that we have a lot in common. can drive a car, a jet ski, and a huge houseboat....and most certainly many other things that I havent thought of.
After the list was started I quickly became fixated on the 'youngest child' thing. The youngest Ehlert child.  That is you. I have a youngest child. He is Bri. Its interesting stuff..this birth order theory.
Just think of it...
A newborn never came home in your moms arms to rocked your world. You will always be the baby.  Do you feel babied? I can guarantee that your siblings think you have been. I've also heard that the youngest child tends to always appear youthful..throughout their lives. Lucky you!!
Can you still hear your brothers and sisters complain, "He's spoiled! He's pampered and indulged!!?"  But Im thinking thats going to work in your favor as well. Because you were protected and cottled, you will just expect good things to happen to you all your you should...and Im a whole hearted believer in the self fulfilling prophecy thing!! Im guessing you're going to be one of those lovely men whose glass is always full.  Thats a wonderful quality in a person. could you not have watched and learned..just as I know Brian did..that charming your way to something you want is a whole lot more effective than being a pill.  I see charming in you a knock-out smile!! The world will find you charming Dan. Lucky you.
Did any of your siblings run for student body offices...I guess I dont know the answer to I should..but I know you have...using that charm and friendliness and easy going attitude. Yep..Im willing to wager you enjoy the 'easy going' gene.  Embrace it my friend.

I googled "birth order" and found this fun list for your amusement!!

Here are 28 signs you're dealing with a youngest child:

 1. Entitled to nothing. Really. Not even a seat at the dinner table is guaranteed.
 2. Happy to sit in the back seat of the car well into adulthood. The way, way back? Totally fine with that, too. 
3. Buys used cars, second -hand clothes and "vintage" furniture. What is this thing you call "first-hand?"
 4. Will never make fiancĂ©e sit through the traditional post-engagement evening of Going Through the Family Photo Album to Look at Pictures of Childhood because there are no pictures of childhood.
 5. Answers to almost any name. Literally, any name.
 6. Constantly surprises older siblings with references to "playing on the high school tennis team" or "going to college," as older siblings have no recollection of any of these events.
 7. Has photographic memory of every event that happened to older siblings, including what they were wearing and what Mom yelled.
 8. Rarely expects a bed at large family gatherings. Prefers futons, couches or tent in the backyard, just like childhood.
 9. Has a record collection that includes four copies of Boz Scaggs' "Silk Degrees" inherited from older siblings.
 10. Has a book collection that includes seven copies of The Catcher in the Rye and four copies of Go Ask Alice.
 11. Never expects to be served first.
 12. Does expect to do have to do the dishes anywhere, anytime, at any event.
 13. Occasionally stuns family with competency...
 14. ...But still treated like 14-year old.
 15. Pleased as punch to finally make it to the Grown-Up Table in mid-thirties.
 16. Personal motto: I wasn't born yet.
 17. Will never bore you with stories of family trips to national parks because the car wasn't big enough for the entire family, if you know what I mean.
 18. Barely got a word in edgewise until age 15. Now a very good listener.
 19. Enjoys being decades younger than siblings in adulthood. Really, really enjoys it. Like not in a healthy way.
 20. Leaves the room when older siblings reminisce about "the Christmas we all got new skis."
 21. Keeper of all the family high school yearbooks for some reason.
 22. Thrilled at spacious college dorm room and awesome bunk bed.
 23. High levels of proficiency in laundry, sandwich-making, entertaining oneself and waiting.
 24. Large vocabulary.
 25. Never even reaches for the remote. Why bother?
 26. Learns from others' mistakes.
 27. Stays under radar.
 28. Gets away with murder.
found here

Enjoy the journey Dan...and stop denying that you're not nor never have gotten away with murder!!
I'm old enough to be your I know!!
Love you handsome!!

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Auntie Cathy said...

Enjoyed being buried in your blog after spending some moments together today. You have a reservoir of love for others and a gift to be able to express it. Thanks for your thoughtful tribute to Dan and for sharing the hilarious points on being the "baby" in the family. Got my health-producing laugh for the day!