Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments 
in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations,
 the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones
 are less prepossessing.  They come to the door of memory
unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and 
simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these. 
quote by: Susan B. Anthony
from: Put a Cherry on It
by: Ben Behunin

The house in Logan must feel fairly tomb like today...These three handsome boys went home...back to their much missed mommy and daddy.
But as you can see by the above pics...we had a fun time while we had them.
I will attempt to sum up the days here.
My favorite memories:
Beckham singing the songs from FROZEN. He is just learning to really talk...but boy can he sing..its adorable.
Beckhams smiles from behind his binky..priceless!!

Logan wanting to do odd jobs around the house so that he could earn money for a longed for toy at Target. Logan is an amazing little worker...
just like his good dad. Jos A Bank was wise when they chose Joe to be on their team!!

Logan and I had fun discovering what a cat tail from last year does when you break it open!! (wishing my pictures of this had turned out!!!) SO FUN!!

Liam's love of throwing rocks in every body of water we came across was fun !! Watching him try to sneak up on baby ducks and their protective mother ..who would have nothing to do with that nonsense was entertaining too!!

Oh did we have a good time. Pizza and dancing on the roller rink floor were high-lights as well...and the video of that fun will not be available ...dang me for not knowing how to upload the clips on my computer!!
I look forward to our next visit...I think it'll be soon!!  Baby sister could be here any day now!!! Yahoo!!!

P.S. I thought you might find it entertaining to hear about my return trip to St George..after dropping the boys and spending that lovely afternoon at the Park with Anna.
So as to not incriminate the almost innocent..I will not reveal names...but someone I know and love offered me a ride home with  herself and two friends. Departure time..6:00pm. Actual time...closer to 8:00pm...... teenagers in charge. None of the occupants of the car were older than 18. ...except for me...... which of course became blatantly apparent in no time.
Handsome driver had just completed a Rugby tournament...and won the whole thing.  State Champs!!
Ipod was plugged into the sound system..and unfamiliar music played...louder than 5 boys playing at Mimis.
We're barreling along in a little blue Honda Civic. He traveled at highway speeds with admittedly good skills, but for some reason it felt faster than usual....due in part to the darkness, the music, and not being distracted by conversation and I being tired Im sure. There was making out going on in the back seat..I could hear the lip smacking during the pauses between tracks.  What does one talk about with a young man that's a rugby playing poet who's leaving on a mission to Mexico in a few months? He being a typical teenager that answers questions with minimal answers.  I apologized for seemingly cramping their style...for surely there would have been more to talk about if I wasnt in the car...right?
Needless to say...I did make it home safe and sound..let out at the curb of my folks home..a 55yr and older community..quiet and peaceful..doors and trunk blaring...and bid them thank you and good-bye!! Whew!!!

Life is a journry...indeed!!

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Natalie Stephenson said...

Love the pictures! They had so much fun! Much better than hanging out with boring mom ha ha. Thanks again for all your help!!!