Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
" takes four men to make a salad; a madman, a scholar, a miser,
and a spendthrift."  "Meaning what, exactly?" James asked, mystified.
"Meaning that you need a madman to mix it-so," she said, shaking 
the ingredients vigorously together with her finger.  "But a scholar
to measure out the salt-one pinch.  Then you need a miser for the
vinegar."  She added a few tiny drops of vinegar. "But with the oil,
you want a spendthrift, because of course you cannot be to generous with good oil."
from: The Wedding Officer
by: Anthony Capella

It truly takes a village to pull off a wedding!! And no ones needs to tell a bride and groom how much stress is involved in planning and pulling off a wedding. Im just here to CANT BE DONE WITHOUT FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! It just can't.   Unless of course money is not an issue. But its all the more meaningful when family and friends combine forces and do all in their power to pull off a dream wedding. Here below we have a little documentation of all the effort that went in to Brian and Mericar's wedding...and of course we didnt capture all the behind the scene work.  This is just the day of the reception/ring ceremony.  And this post is just about the prep work...stay tuned for the party and ceremony.

 Laying down on the job was expected...for Jenna and Clark...they had just arrived state side after a 3 month jag around the far east!! Beautiful women making beautiful paper flowers.
Clark enjoying a beautiful power nap.
Where is it written that wedding require Christmas lights...strung up all over!! ???
No problem...we have Clark and Jenna...
Best man Blake...talent and friend ever!!!
Second mom Lisa...talent and skill!! Drove all the way to California to help!!! Bless them for ever!!!
Weddings are about the details...the never ending details!!! Steaming the veil..out darn  wrinkles, out!! Best mission companion..."Elder" Hardy!!! Thank you for coming and helping too..with your beautiful wife!!!
Worked hard all day long and all night too!! Taking time to check in with family and friends and taking a load off the feet!! Thank You Kim and Sharon...for ALL your help!!!
Dare I say that there were thousands...or many hundreds of homemade egg rolls for dinner!!?? Dad and grandma cooked for hours!! Yum!!!
Mericar's mom...beautiful Mercedes...planned on feeding the masses with all the very best that Philippine food has to offer!! She cooked for DAYS!!!! Words cannot explain how fine the dining was this night!! DELICIOUS!!!!

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Sharon Mae said...

It was so perfect! What a great beginning for Brian and Mericar. I'm so glad we got to share the days of their joy!