Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

For every man there is just the one right girl in
the world. Someday you will meet her, and 
when you do, you will know instinctively
that she is the one girl for you.
from: Papa Married a Mormon
by: John Fitzgerald

Its been fun watching people ask Clark and Jenna about what was their favorite part of their 3 month trip to the far east.  They find it impossible to answer. (they try...but in the end they just cant do it...there was just so much to love.)
I think this same thing may be the same for me and weddings. Its too hard to narrow down such an all encompassing event  to a single "favorite" moment.
I LOVE expanding our family.
I Love how existing family always supports.
I Love beautiful brides feeling like a queen.
I LOVE hearts being touched.
I love good food.
I Love the dancing...especially the father daughter dance and the mother son dance.
I love happy beginnings.
I love the moment I can kick off the high heels.
I love the reminders of our own marriages.
I LOVE Mericars voice...and the song she sang to Brian. Not a dry eye in the house!!
And I love that the tear down is so much faster than setting up.
And  knowing that all the work was well worth it in the end!!!

Lucie and Olive...2 beautiful Flower Girls

The ring ceremony was precious and stirring. We all learned something and felt something. 
It was perfect!!

Best man Blake saying a few remarks...oh the good times these two have enjoyed!

Mericar's beautiful sister Jennifer and beautiful best friend Phoebe

This may be ranked as one of the best moments...Mericar's grandmother coming out to the dance floor to dance with her!! Priceless!!!

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