Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon the United States..we try to eliminate the need for compromise.
Cars have 'personal climate controls' so that the driver and passenger
need not negotiate a mutually agreeable temperature.  That same pair, 
lets say they're husband and wife, need not agree on the ideal firmness
of their mattress either.  Each can set their own 'personal comfort level.'
We embrace these technologies.  Why shouldnt everyone enjoy their
own personal comfort level, be it in a car or in bed?  I wonder, though,
what we lose through such conveniences?  If we no longer must compromise
 on the easy stuff, like mattresses, then what about the truly important issues?
Compromise is a skill, and like all skills it atrophies from lack of use.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

Proceeding with caution to So. Utah....
I knew that someday I would be using this pic I took while walking the streets of Logan,Utah. For I personally never seem to take the easy or careful path. Im often accused of leading with my heart and not with common sense.  (except when hiking of course.)
This path Im on now is full of unknowns and possibilities and risks. It may be a real dosey of challenge..or maybe not...we're only in to it a week now and we're taking a careful pulse of the situation frequently.
My Builder and I are promising one another to use every precaution and to monitor the risks closely..for this is new to us...choosing to be apart for long periods of time.
Most of you have probably already heard that I packed up my hiking clothes and an expensive bottle of sunscreen, a few books, laptop and trusty Keens...the bare necessities of life...and headed to St George to hike once more.
This was not a spur of the moment decision. My Builder and I carefully weighed the pros and cons of a seemingly rash and selfish decision. We've been back and forth on what we hope have been all the reasons for..or against such a decision. We've talked to people who have done similar things. The wise ones told us to be be mindful of one another..even more than before. To be vigilant for the signs and warnings of a deterioration in our relationship.
So everyday Im mindful of proceeding with a possibly risky decision with caution. When I throw my arms up in joyful exhaltation while trudging through the sand because  I've landed back in paradise...I then rein myself in and remember that this is a trial...a great and wonderful trial so see if it'll being here and My Builder being there. Im running with it with all my heart...but its a wait and see kind of thing...and thats only fair. My days here are a gift, and Im going to treat them as such. My parents are generous to have me take over a corner of their home. Desert Cliffs is generous to have me on the hiking schedule as often as they can. My Builder sent me here with his blessing.  Anna is probably scratching her head and wondering whats up with her mom...but its all good... so far!!
Its hard to explain how good it feels to be back.
To be helpful
competent in something
fully engaged
and observant
May proceeding with caution still always include a random happy dance along the way!!

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