Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
How often it is that an idea that seems bright and bossed 
and gleaming in its clarity when examined in a church, or
argued over with a friend in a frosty garden, becomes clouded
and murk-stained when dragged out into the field of actual endeavor?
from: March
by: Geraldine Brooks

Dearest Nick,
My aging brain really cant remember just how long we've been could be as long as 15 yrs..for that is how long My Builder and I have lived in St George, starting in Bloomington 5th ward.  You have now  have given me cause  to shudder at the thought that this could have been our last year.

You and I have served together in church. (not earning a dime...but earning brownie points in's why.)
We've hiked together for years...for Desert Cliffs and for extracurricular activity and exploration.
And we even worked together on the ZNHA board.
Good times my friend!!
I may have taken for granted this friendship of ours my friend. But no longer!  Almost loosing you just 6 weeks ago..hones ones perspective on things.
If I were asked to describe you, the first thing I would have said was, "he's cautious to a fault. A kill joy at times for all his careful measures."
I'd use words like 'over protective' and peaceful being like a teddy bear with an attitude.
So you can well imagine the shock and disbelief I felt when I learned about your accident.  How can one so careful and meticulous and so focused on safety have such a thing happen to him!!!?? (If it could happen to YOU, it could happen to anyone...thats the truth of it!!)
6 weeks ago the stars must have misaligned...orbits must have been out of kilter...something extraordinary must have shifted in the cosmos to have such a accident to occur.
One decision, followed by several other uncharacteristic casual choices led to unfortunate events and near catastrophe!! Pride and reluctance to bother others, plus not wearing a helmet were huge factors too .  WHAT!!!?? Wait!!! Nick not wearing a helmet while repelling!!!? Unheard of!!  No anchor to be found in the mountain side!!!?? How could this be!!!??  Not being patient..and waiting for help!!?? oops..I suppose this last characteristic isnt too hard to imagine in you my friend. Sorry...patience is neither of our strong points. Several risky choices made in the matter of minutes led to near tragedy.
Whenever I picture you free falling 50 ft...5 stories...onto unforgiving sandstone in a slot stomach does flipflops!! That's nightmare material  my friend.
Oh Nick...
your dear wife is right...
No more daredevil activities for you dear friend! Mothballing your gear will be doubt about it. But it'll be worth it in the end. Staying married to dear Kim is essential.  And hanging up those ropes will increase your odds of living to hike again. Kims ultimatum for staying married sounds perfectly rational to me!!
You have lived,  thrived and survived something most people don't. Please dont press your luck. Please comply to Kims wishes. You're alive to hike again!!! What a miracle and a gift!! You'll live to watch your grands grow old and to hike with you!! What a blessing..for you, and for the rest of us mere mortals who have no such tale to tell...angels must have cushioned that fall...and we all know it.  You have grand and wonderful things still to do...and I cant wait to see what they are!!
Bless you friend,

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