Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"...for one of the nicest things about mathematics or anything
else you might care to learn, is that many of the things which
can never be, often are."  You see," he went on, "its very 
much like your trying to reach infinity.  You know that it's 
there, but you just dont know where-but just because you
can never reach it doesnt mean that its not worth looking for."
from: The Phantom Tollbooth
by: Norton Juster

Two Times Doth a Tradition Make?

Then my good brother and I are well on our way to forming a fun tradition. Why didnt we start sooner!!!?? Come rain or snow..we wont be deterred!!  And yes there was snow this week...two days of it.
For 2 months now my bro and I have made the time for a lunch date. Its a wonderful development. We've enjoyed 2 great meals plus fun and interesting conversations. We catch up, we compare notes.
The first time I took the shuttle to So Salt Lake. We went to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants..and it was delish!  We downed  a lot of cold Cokes and faitias and talked for two hours!!
This week we met "1/2way" which turns out to be in Layton,  where a friend recommended  we try Gabors-an Italian Grill. May I just say...we will trust KC's recommendations every was divine!!!  This was GOOD pizza, plus some really yummy soup which warmed the cockles of my cold bod..for yes..remember.... it was snowing in March. We even shared a dessert ... "Better Than Sex"chocolate cake.  Bliss!!
I learned that my brother loves being a bishop for  a BYU student ward but that he's going to love not being a bishop too.  His time is drawing closer to its finale.
Meagan has a boyfriend....and a dance coming up soon. Meagan is beautiful and is loving her CNA class.
Amber is going to Washington DC with her mom..a Mother- Daughter tradition.  Amber is just about fluent in Chinese...she can read it, write it and speak it. Awesome.
I learned that Josh may have a bum shoulder...but it wont stop him from playing basketball and that  Jordan is a devoted big sister to both Meagan and Amber.
I learned that Debbie doesnt really like to garden..and that sometime in the future she wants them all to move back to California. Who can blame her...on both counts!!
I meant to ask Joe if he misses the Navy.  I guess I'll wait till next month to ask...for we have this lovely new tradition...and we'll be sharing lunch again soon!!
Of course we talked about my wonderful family as well..I gave him a rundown on all the kids. We talked about the rabbit food business and about my new hopes for Isagenix.
We enjoyed our waitress. Arent good waitress just great!!??  Our Cokes never ran dry.  She warned us about the grouchy business owner next door..."no parking in his spaces!!" She made the perfect food recommendations and wished us a speedy return...all with a great smile and a sense of humor.  Arent good waitress GREAT!!!
The rain and snow had subsided by the time we were ready to head out.
Lunch dates are the best and so are road trips... hour long road trips even qualify.
Sometimes I blare country music as I drive and sometimes I want only the peace and quiet that being in a car alone can bring.  Wednesday it was Rascal Flatts crooning on the radio and a sense of gratitude for all of my family as I sped home and back to reality.
 I hope its 'fair' to choose a picture from my file that is years old...its my blog..I guess I can do as I please...but I like this Im using it!!

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