Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


At the height of laughter, the universe is flung
 into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.
 Jean Houston

I've got Lachlan on my mind.
I think all the grands would be surprised at how often I think about them in a day. Not once, not twice, but more often than I can fairly count.
But today Lachlans name rose to the write about.
Lach was our first grand. He was the one that introduced us to what being a grandparent felt like. For of course  it is all about feelings. Feeling old. Feeling joy. Feeling worry. Feeling pride. Feeling hope for the future.
We were in our glory days when L joined the family. All was right with the world. St George was home. Hiking was keeping me sane, happy and fit. Everyone was still in the nest...or at least in close proximity to the nest. The pool in the backyard was the gathering place.
 We couldnt wait to meet the little boy with the unusual name ..the name that now fits him perfectly.

He was the start of a whole new chapter in our fact, a whole new book! A book that will keep us enthralled for years to come as we watch him grow and learn about all his exciting adventures that are bound to happen to such a talented and active boy.
First he was Bubba...or he's Lach.
First it was balls that enthralled...oh wait..its still balls...any ball attached to a sport. Or a skateboard.
First it was diapers, shorts and t-shirts..oh wait..its still shorts and t's..but now add to the list, athletic shoes and just the right brand of socks to go with them.
Oh how we love this boy!
The future looks bright for this guy!!

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Chelsea said...

Exciting time to come for sure! Thanks for the write up Mom.