Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
....this attitude of concentrated meditation is the highest
activity there is, an activity of the soul, which is possible
only under the condition of inner freedom and independence.
from: The Art of Loving
by: Eric Fromm

Dear Mary,
Already Im treasuring the memories of the 'bugs view' in my mind of the two of us with our faces smashed into our smelly, shabby yoga mats as we try to maneuver into the Locust Pose or the Plow Pose!! Oh the giggles and grunts!! Good times my friend!!
Things are amusing at the Grill...because you are on the team. The world is better because you grace it. Logan, Utah is tolerable because you call it home too. May you always have places to visit, dogs to love, people to inspire, and someone to laugh with my friend! Thank you for your steadfast friendship and wisdom.

For fun, I 'interviewed' your 'colleagues" at work. May you feel the love!!

Colby- (your adorable, and gentlemanly son) said this about you: "She's a strict mom, but somehow she's pulled off being the best mom too!! There are so many good things about her. There is so much love and she parents with ease."

Steph:."..hummm...its so hard to put into words!!! One thing for sure...she is always willing to give up her most valuable possession...her time!! She pitches in without hesitation!! "

Mindie-I love that she is always willing to help, that she is such a "free spirit", that she isnt afraid to be who she really is, that she has a heart of gold, and her goofy personality. Just to name a couple

Ari- I love her laugh!!

Shelby-She always says she has the best karma and that when the universe is off and  she has bad karma, she always drops everything at work. I like when her karma is off the best because it makes work much more funny!

Mikey- I call her Mom. She's REALLY happy when she's happy. But if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy. She always has the most understandable and most solid advice. She treats me like she really is my mom. Her laugh cracks me up cause its so funny.

Jessie-"She gives her best advice to everyone that asks and she cares about others."

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