Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

All of Lincoln's plans were both simple
and complicated.  They were tempting,
but at the same time they made you
feel doubtful before you even got started.
from: The Higher Power of Lucky
by: Susan Patron

Dearest David,
If only you could have been in on the early conversations that Anna and I had about you, when the two of you were dating and falling in love.
We would call one another and ask questions of each other as we pondered the vast and unique qualities of t this tall, dark handsome man with a brain the size of Toledo  and ideas that would fill volumes. A man with the will and knowledge to live as most people only dream of living.  What would it mean for my daughter? What would it mean for his bride? She wondered what life would be like with such a passionate, brilliant and talented man...a man who thinks differently about most everything than the rest of the human race.
We wondered if you'd go to a doctor if one of you got sick? We speculated about the prospects of her having to learn to make her own soap for washing and spinning her own wool for the clothes you'd both wear. She wondered if she'd ever wear store bought clothes again or have sweet smelling shampoo on the shower shelf....(would there be a shower...or a trough out back!!!!??)  Would their house have electricity? Would they be living miles and miles from the nearest grocery store, movie theater or Dillards or even a Walmart? Would she have to milk cows or goats?  Would their children be immunized or circumcised? Would she have babies on the couch or grind her own wheat and knead her own bread? Would you have neighbors to borrow a cup of flour when in need?
Could she embrace all your philosophies? Would you listen to hers? 

May I just say...True love is a beautiful thing....and a privilege to behold.
The world is your oyster my friend. You and my daughter are a force to be reckoned with. You learn and grow together. The bread is homemade...the boys are uncircumcised...babies are born on couches...but my daughter is blissfully happy. And she smells sweet from store bought products and buys cute clothes both online and at the trendy stores. She's as passionate about the things that you are...and is as healthy and happy as one has the right to be. 
Gratitude isnt an adequate word. Blessed. Blessed to call you son. Blessed that our daughter is so well loved. The world is a better place because of you do your very best to improve it. 
Thank you David...for adoring and honoring our daughter.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for the super dad that you are to your adorable boys.
Bless you.
We so look forward to watching what the future has in store for the two of you. It will be amazing. Of this I am certain. 

Love you!!

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Anna said...

Wow mom, that was so nice. You made me cry which I don't do very often anymore. Thank you for this. I love you mom!