Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I've been longing for a spark... a flicker of my writing life to ignite again.
I've been hunting for inspiration. Or a muse.
I've determined that my family is my best hope .
So here we go.
There will be random posts, in no particular order, about the people I love and call family.

First up...
my handsome nephew Matt.

"What's a philosopher?" said Brutha.
"Someone who's bright enough to find
a job with no heavy lifting," said a voice in his head.
from: Small Gods
by: Terry Pratchett

Dearest Matt,
I feel bad that I dont know you as well as I once did. Growing up and growing old has it perks and its drawbacks. You can surmise which is which in our case. Your life is full of perks and mine is filling up with drawbacks. Just know that when I do have the lucky opportunity to enjoy your is always a pleasure.  Its been a joy to watch you grow up.  You were a most adorable child...and now you have become a handsome man, and an upstanding citizen. Really. You make your parents and family proud.
There arent too many adventurous souls in the family...but you definitely possess  one of them. I suppose we can blame your good parents for this...their wanderlust and spirit of their younger days has been passed on to you. And I now even I  live vicariously through your adventures my friend. 

I've learned that your friends call you tinder.
Your an engineer with the heart of an outdoors man.  
Your blood runs red....UofU red.
Mexico and Lake Powell are your home away from are the challenging mountain bike trails of Utah.
If I need a brainyac, I want you on my team!
If I want action figures or Legos, I know where to go.
Proud to know ya Matt.
May 2014 bring you all the happiness and success you deserve.
May you find a wife and bring her with you on all your exciting adventures!! Double the fun my friend!!!

Love you!

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Auntie Cathy said...

We're proud of Matt and all that he has accomplished. We love the way you summarized the great person that he is. Love you Matt!