Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Expect everything I always say, and
the unexpected never happens.
from: The Phantom Tollbooth
by: Norton Juster

(like me---lumps on the couch)

I missed the bottom step this morning.
I was rushing about, getting ready for work.
I was distracted.
It was 6 degrees BELOW zero outside, and the hallway was unlit.
I toppled like the love affair with Obama.
I was laying face down on the ugly teal carpet before I knew what happened.
I stayed down, without moving for a handful of seconds, mentally going over each member of my unsupple body to see how I fared after such an ungraceful fall.
My wrist will be sore tomorrow.  I got off easy.
Mostly I was grateful that it happened indoors...and not outside where my face would have frozen to the ground on impact.  I was grateful I  didnt have an audience.
Im dismayed to admit this...but just a blink ago I wouldnt have fallen with such a minor mis-step. I was agile and limber not so very long ago, feeling younger than my age. Now Im feeling older than my years.  My flexibility is gone. Im stiffer than dried old leather. (or Obama without a TelePrompter...te he.)
Therefore..I have a resolution!!
Yoga come January!!
Yoga 'till I can touch my forehead to my knees!!
Yoga 'till I can squat without holding on desperately to some unmovable object to haul myself up again!!
A reasonable goal to ward off the relentless march to old age!!
Remembering to turn on the light in the stairwell is a reasonable rational too!!

Peace my friends!

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