Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Mimi Monday

I've been to see a doctor about the cessation of
my monthly illness... Then he asked a number of
questions.  Are my breasts knotty (No!!) Have I
experienced a feeling of fearfulness? Anxiety?
(Yes! Yes!) Do I suffer from toothache? (All my
adult life) Do I desire to ear loathsome and 
unwholesome foods such as carrots, raw turnips,
roast pig? (I confess I loved carrots)  Do I fear
dying? Do I have forebodings and gloom? Am I
overtaken by a fear of undefined evil?  Do I suffer
from heart burn? 
"Excellent, you will carry to term," he said,apparently 
satisfied with my answers.
from: Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe
by: Sandra Gulland

Just when you think it might be some time before another adorable grand will join the family...we receive grand news!!
I referenced this news earlier I want to make it official!!
Logan, Liam, and Beckham and their fine parents are expecting a baby!!!
Another Stephenson will be joining us come July!! ( a girl is in order...but it never really matters...they are perfection any way you look at it!!)
Oh happy, happy day!!
That'll make 11 grands!! How wild!! How wonderful!!
How blessed we are!!
How grateful we are...for Joe and Natalie are wonderful parents. And all we do is reap the benefits of all their hard work and the dedication required in parenting, as we easily love and adore their offspring!!
Life is good!!
no...Its GRAND!!!

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