Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
In the 1950's Canadian psychologists implanted electrodes
deep within the brains of rats and connected the electrodes
to levers that the rats could press to stimulate the pleasure
center of their brains. Left to their own devices, the rats 
would repeatedly press the lever-up to two thousand times
per hour. They ceased almost all other normal behavior, even eating.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

I know its not Lent. And everyone knows Im not Catholic.
And by now everyone  knows Im a weak woman.,, and I suppose Im a little bit obsessive compulsive too.
But I do love a good challenge.
so....starting today...Im putting the computer away. For 30 days.
I will continue to blog.
I will continue to maintain the Sherwood Forest Facebook page.
 And I will need the internet to study for my Sunday School lessons.
But nothing else.
Nothing for 30 days.
This is a character building exercise. For I need more character and to acquire more self-discipline. Even at my age its a battle of wills and of practicing restraint.
Just what is it about Pintrest and Tumblr that hypnotizes or sucks restraint from ones body?!?!  What is it that makes one succumb to its power?!!?
Anyway...Im logging off. Figuratively pulling the plug.
Tumblr opened a vein...and all my self-discipline has drained away.  It affects my sleep pattern. I dont get  things done that I need to get done. Important things are being neglected.
What's interesting is is that I know I can do this... till January 13th.  But what'll I do after that? Open the vein again; pick at the scab?  I will miss it.  It truly is a creative outlet for me. Why does it have to be all or nothing with me?!!?
Over and out for now friends.
Lets talk again on this subject come January 13th shall we?! And wish me luck and fortitude!

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Jared + Carly Reid said...

wow! good for you! you can doooo it!!