Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.
from: The Fellowship of the Rings
by: J.R.R. Tolkien


Gravity...the movie...a joy ride!! Trouble in the outer atmosphere! An intense and stunningly beautiful journey. 

Our front yard looks like a bomb went it indeed did...a bomb named Raymond. Raymond the well intentioned but inept landlord. My Builder could write a book about this mans ineptitude in home improvement projects. The front yard will never be the same. Never.

Money .. a quote from my last Sunday School lesson..."I dont like money actually, but it quiets my nerves."  My nerves could stand some calming.

BEN HAD A COOKIE AT CHURCH!!! A cookie made with white flour. oh my

We made grand plans to start putting in some food storage again. There are lists.   Im doing my part by collecting 5 gallon buckets from work. I have plenty of buckets...but nothing yet to put in them.  

Logan had a 3.6 earthquake this week. I missed it. worry wart...did not.  

My Builders elbows and shoulders  are complaining.  Repetitive work is tough.

The government shut down has come and gone. I didnt notice a thing.  Utah saved its own prime resources...and opened up our 4 National Parks, with our 'own money." When there's a will, there's  a way.  Maybe Parks should privatize?  

Storm windows have gone up and new functioning weather stripping has been installed. (note above- about a bomb named Raymond) Battening down the hatches represents impending doom.

The last raspberries have been harvested from the garden.

So long to short sleeves..not because its getting cold...but because I now officially have saggy skin hanging from  my arms.  Im definitely struggling  towards old age.

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Jared + Carly Reid said...

i miss fall in utah like soooooooo bad, and i love hearing about your logan life :) keep your chin up aunt cindy! and i love how you describe your landlord, hahaha.