Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Day Four In Southern California

An ocean without its unnamed monsters would
 be like a completely dreamless sleep. 
quote by John Steinbeck
 from: Fluke 
by: Christopher Moore

A Sunday in sunny California.
Its a test.
Steve and Jenny made us all yummy pancakes for breakfast.  It was fun to remember how much growing boys eat. 
We then all headed for the Farmers Market in lovely downtown San Clemente. Who doesnt enjoy strolling through the stalls of locally fresh produce and homemade goods?  The added perk here being that its located just a few blocks from the beach. 
After lunch we all went to Church together.  The Church is true no matter where we go. Love that!!

And since we were on vacation...we decided to  stroll more beach.  We 'borrowed' two Anderson boys and headed to the Crystal Cove tide pools. It was a perfect way to spend a Sabbath afternoon.  Appreciating God's grand and glorious world and the critter that thrive in the sea!!

Sweet and knowledgeable Brock with Jude

Can you believe this smile!! Its a knock out!!  In a few years the women will be swooning!!!

Cool Poseidon, the Greek God of waters, made an appearance this Sunday.  I guess he decided to take a break from the deep,leaving his chariot and staff behind. Catching some rays and watching mere muggles is a great diversion  for anyone!!  He sat there, not moving, the whole time we scoured the near-by tidal pools.

That evening we spent a quiet night in the Anderson beach bungalow, eating home made, out of this world
Lasagna and watching Harry Potter with the fam.

Downright Perfection!!

RHETORICAL QUESTION: If I lived in So. California, just blocks from the beach, could I keep the Sabbath Day holy?

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