Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Day Cinco In California

Travel, at its best, transforms us in ways that
arent always apparent until we're back home.
Sometimes we do leave our baggage behind,
or, even better, its misrouted to Cleveland
and never heard from again.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

Our fifth morning started out perfectly..with another trip to Surf'in donuts! ( every day started and ended perfectly ) This time we brought along our sweet young donut fans as well.  Max and Brock wanted to join us for the days adventures.  I'll have you know that I practiced GREAT restraint by not stopping by this place every single morning. These donuts are divine...and the boys thought so too!! There are no pictures of me stuffing my face with these delectable delights...but Oh did I indulge!! (Donuts could pave a path I'd happily take down to hell.)
After getting our sugar fix we headed out on our next fun excursion.  We drove up the coast in Lola, about 20 minutes, to San Juan Capistrano.  I was sure that this was the old mission that enjoyed the spring time visit of the Monarch Butterflies.  I quickly discovered that I was confused.  The butterflies are famous at San Luis Obispo. (Next trip)  San Juan Capistrano is famous for the swallow migration from Argentina. Every spring...if it can be believed..they say its March 19th of every year, thousands of  these sweet birds show up to nest in the eves of the oldest Mission church here.  We saw remnants of their mud nests...but nary a swallow.... unless of course you wanted to purchase an artsy one in the gift shop.   I should have known better about this place. There is a lovely childrens book written about it...and it won a Newbury award to boot! I have a copy of it somewhere in fact.

As we wandered around the beautiful grounds and buildings of this place I couldnt help thinking that my dear mother-in-law, Ethel should have been here with us.  For Ethel should have been an archaeologist. Rome awakened something in her that none of knew was there..not really. Her love of ancient history and the buildings they built enthralls her. Rome was a paradise for her.   I suppose this mission cant be consider ancient...not really...but for U.S. history..its one of the oldest.  She would have be captivated by all of it.

If you would like more information about this place go HERE

Fun at the San Juan Capistrano Koi Pond on PhotoPeach I think Im a little obsessed with Koi ponds. And this one was a doosey! Picture perfect, with koi that were happy to nibble on your fingers. They live in Shangirla!!  Someday...

A Spanish Hacienda would suit me just fine..some day.
It was a wonderful day.
We located a taco joint that the locals frequented and had delicious Mexican fair. The boys were good sports.
Steve and Jenny made us gourmet salads that night for dinner...using what we got at the Farmers Market. YUM!!!
And of course we went back to the beach for a good long walk along the shore.  We were finding it remarkable that there were so few shells wherever we went. I dont know if the beaches were picked clean or if it was all about location.
There can be no better form of exercise than beach walking!!

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