Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Let there be music.  Let there be a bountiful feast.
 Let there be dancing in the streets. Let the misbegotten
sons of peasants who inhabit this dreary
 place pay homage to a Princess.
from: Papa Married a Mormon
by:  John Fitzgerald

My Builder and I took a lovely 24 hour jaunt to Salt Lake on Friday after work.  Saturday morning was the baptism of  and celebration for Amber.  We weren't  going ;miss that happy occasion!! And oh what a joyous event it was! Amber is 8 yrs old going on 15. A wise and beautiful soul with the tenderest of hearts. Her parents have raised her well; as she has raised them well too. I am blessed to have such a tender niece. I am blessed to belong to such a wonderful family. Im so grateful my mom and dad would travel up for this occasion as well.  I miss them.
Baptism is a big deal. Its a lot to take in and understand for 8 yr olds.  But I feel certain that this particular 8 yr old understands more than most.  Her big brother, Josh, gave a beautiful and personal talk on the importance of baptism.  And her dad gave a thought provoking talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I plan on remembering some of the things he said- Like when you want Gods advice in your life, all you need to do is ask and then get up off your butt and go serve! In the process of serving others, that is when our answers will come.  Genius!

I spent a few tearful moment on the phone on Sat with my son Joe. He and his family are moving back to St George...lucky them...and Saturday was the first leg of moving day. They loaded a trailer with a  load of things and headed out. I had been hoping to see them and see the boys before they left...but it didnt happen, and it broke my heart.  Natalie and the boys will be back...for a while.  Joe needs to find a place to live down there and then they will join him.  And I will make every effort to get back to Salt Lake to see those boys...and perhaps kidnap them for a few days and bring them back here with me before they all leave for good. But on Sat. I was just plain sad about it all...and Joe heard me cry.

Its amazing to me how much fun one can cram into a little over 24 hours of time though. Friday night was spent with Clark and Jenna and Brian and Mericar.  I wanted pizza...and boy oh boy did I get pizza and a good time.  A favorite place of Clarks is The Pie...up by the University.  So we all piled into a borrowed mini van and headed up there to satisfy my need.  Can I just say...YUM!!!
Then we rented a James Bond movie-Skyfall- and went back to 'Hotel Ehlert' and watched it on their big screened tv and ate popcorn.  FUN!!

Saturday evening I landed 2 tickets from a very generous know who you are ...mother of Jordan...Ms Margo!!...for the Relief Society general Meeting in the Conference Center downtown. I looked over at my mom and just knew I needed to take her down there with me and attend. The 3rd ticket materialized...and so I called Brians girlfriend, Mericar...who is thankfully a spontaneous soul, and she joined us too!! We were all spiritually fed ...and the train ride home was a fun adventure. Way to go mom for jumping in and going along with the craziness!! It'll go down as a most memorable night.

Happy Sabbath 

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