Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Day One of my California Adventure

When active, strained vision only obscures and  frustrates,
looking away often permits the eye to see and interpret the shapes
 of what it sees.  Thus does inattention allow the mind to
register the still, small whisper of the daughter of the voice of God.
from: The BeeKeepers Apprentice
by: Laurie R King

Dearest Friend,                                                                                   9/5/13
Im on the train, with no cute paper to write on, but IM ON THE TRAIN!!
I had no idea it would take 2 1/2 hours to go from Ogden to Provo....its a fast train for petes sake. But no matter,,Im on a new adventure, and words cant begin to explain how excited, relieved and anticipatory I am for my Cally trip.  We used to
vacation a lot in days gone by. Now Im having a hard time remembering the last time I went away.
Can I just say I love trains!  They will always mean adventure to me!! Europe is ALL about trains and train stations. Oh how I revel in my memories of all the places I have been.  Just listening to this train brings some of those memories right back...the clicking and clacking and the weaving of the cars as they move along, the doors hissing open and closed. And all the different people coming and going to who knows where. Its the best!!! Just for your information...the bests trains are in Japan! Bullet trains defy imagination.
More random information...this Frontrunner cant even sell me a Pepsi-oh well-I wont let that trivial flaw get me down...Im happy to be here!
I cant wait to find you the perfect sea shell!! It'll be my mission. It'll be great!!

I plan to be on the beach every single day. I plan to learn to surf and to ride bikes, and eat lots of seafood..real seafood.
I know its  bad to start out on a trip with this encroaching attitude...but Im already trying not to think about returning home.  I need to put that out of  my mind and enjoy each day for the gift it is to be away and doing what I want to do. That will be my mantra for this trip.  ENJOY THE DAY...and stop thinking about the end of it all. Reality and Logan are hard to to swallow at times.

Since Im on the train, I wont be able to find the music and videos that you recommended me to listen to, but I promise to check them out soon.  I look forward to it.

The train is now speeding past Lagoon! Have you ever been there? I have good memories of that place too. Its not Disneyland...but we had fun there. I see that its closed for the season. So sad. That means winter is just around the corner.  Bah Humbug.

Ah...kissing on train romantic.  silly me  This is only a commuter train.

When I get to Provo my boys will pick me up and we'll go to dinner somewhere yummy!! I think its going to be to a Pho place. Oh how I Love Pho!!  Theres a place in St George that makes pretty respectable Pho. You should try it some time. Its delish!!
Then it'll be early to bed and EARLY to rise  and start our road trip!!! Whoot whoot!!! Its going to be a 91/2 hour drive. I love road trips!!

(I suppose we are definitely going faster than the cars on the why in the world is this going to take 21/2 hours?!!?) oh yeah...Im supposed to remember to enjoy the journey!! Im too excited to nap, though the rocking and sway of the cars is conductive to sleep.

I see that I've begun to ramble. Sorry.
I'll sign off now and write again from sunny, bright California!!
Love you!!

P.S.- did you know that short shorts are back!?!?  I know we shouldnt want to wear them... but they take me back to my good ol days-BC-before church.  When my hubby describes our meeting one another (at USU) it always includes a description of my white short shorts. Silly me.  Naughty me. Silly hubby.

P.S.S.- I love Sara Bareilles!!  I guess I shouldnt be surprised that I havent heard of any of the other artists you mentioned. Im old, remember?  Do I dare admit to you that I like country music? Did you know that about me? I love a good story set to music.

How about this random fact...I had a goal...I wrote about it on my blog.  I wanted to learn how to ride my bike without hands.  Guess what!!!??  I can do it now!!  Im pretty proud of myself.  Its a simple pleasure.  Hopefully it empowers me to conquer the waves and to learn to surf!!

(Now I see why it takes so long to get to Provo!!! we are creeping,,,really creeeeeping through the Salt Lake valley, and making lots of stops.)
You had no idea you'd be receiving a travel log from me did you?

The Salt Lake mountains sure are beautiful. No one could dispute that.

There are some other wild things I'd like to do while in California:
-get a tattoo
-ride a bike to Mexico
-spend lots of money...but it takes money to spend money
-see a shark
-see dolphins

As soon the train rounded the point of the mountain and entered Utah Valley, the clouds began to do their 10 Commandment thing over the mountains. And it began to drizzle.  I didnt write my friend about what I could see through my train window because I was too enthralled by what I was witnessing.  When the train pulled into the Provo station and I disembarked - there was a magical double rainbow framing the tall peaks right in front of me.
I took it as a sign. an omen.
This trip to California was going to be all that I hoped it to be. I had an even greater sense of anticipation than before.

I also didnt write to my friend about finding the perfect Pho restaurant with my boys and their women! I didnt tell her how happy I was to share the hugest most delicious bowl of deliciousness with Jenna!! (did I say delicious enough!?!?!)  And about how it felt to spend time with my grown up children.
It was such a lovely evening.
I also must  mention that my Good Builder sent me off on this adventure with his blessing.  With nary a whispered breath of complaint.  He did nothing or said nothing to make me feel guilty for going. (There must have been a 'look' in my eyes....???)

Stay tuned for Day Two of my  California adventure. An adventure that had nothing to do with amusement parks, but had everything to do with rest, relaxation and recharging and the sea.

Peace friends

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