Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

This Is How My Week Looked

There came a time, he realized, when the strangeness of everything
 made it increasingly difficult to realize the strangeness of anything.
from: Lost Horizon
by: James Hilton

(I wish this was the scene at our house)

The mailbox that hangs by our front door contained a water bill.  A water bill so exorbitantly high that it was cause for serious alarm.  A hole was investigate.  Come to find out that there is a leak...leak is the wrong word..for that suggest a dripping...a small giser might describe it better...from the main water line to the house. It became the city's problem.  But seems to be my problem still..for it still spouts water into an unseen underground stream somewhere.  The city has done nothing but put up an orange barrier around the hole and have not returned to repair it.  The tree hugger in me is fuming.  So much water wasted.  100s of thousands of gallons!! And I see no way to stop the madness!!

The  sweet boss lady at work called me the sexiest waitress in the joint.  I know shes lying. (that would be a sad state of affairs if she werent)  But she loves me.  And of course there is a part of me that wants to believe her.

Today's Sunday School lesson gave me fits. (I suppose they all will)  Todays topic was Baptisms for the Dead.
But I suppose it'll be a walk in Merlin Olsen Park compared to the lesson coming up in 2 weeks.  The subject matter ... The martyrdom of Joseph Smith.  (Did I already tell you that I dont enjoy the Doctrine and Covenants?) Teaching is even harder than I imagined it would be.

I'm back to the point that I'll give up food before I'll give up my beloved Pepsi. And I often do.  For so long...when I was on the wagon...I would tell people and myself that I didnt want to drink my calories. Well you woulnt recognize me I blissfully guzzle them down now.

Its been quite a few years since I've done any water bath canning.  This week  I bottled some delicious apricots.  They'll help this winter to be a little brighter.  Thats the hope anyway.  They already make me happy, just lined up there on the counter.

The semi-annual Man vs Grill took place this week at Center Street Grill.
There was barfing.
And there were a couple of "winners."
Are you really a 'winner' of you can shove down a 3 1/2 pound burger in less than 45 minutes?
You decide.
I got to clean up.
ps- the grill wins ...the majority of the time.

My Builder promised me a puppy.
But I can't remember how long he said I'd have to wait.

How do you spell T-E-N-S-E?
There is rabbit food news.  There are several very hopeful prospects and possibilities for improvements.  But I cant talk about them....for I 'get too emotional.'  Maybe after it becomes old news I can then discuss it with My Builder. Maybe then My Builder and I can talk again.  The same thing goes for conversing about the future....I 'get too emotional.'  So we dont talk about that either.  What do we talk about?  The promise of puppies and our beautiful grands. That'll do.

More hot flashes.
Less sleep.

WEST WING..out new favorite tv series.  Plus there is no need for talking. We watch, we laugh, we learn. Not a bad deal.  Thank you good actors and writers for such a great show!

Im reading again!!  Im halfway through a wonderful book. Its the one I was carrying around in my purse for so long.  Its a treat.  And all you readers out there have undoubtedly read it already...The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society...(quite a mouth full.)   I can now   check # 15 off the below list.  Whew.

Not a bad week my friends.

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