Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

So...Im Wondering...

The line between defeat and immortality is sometimes as
thin as thread.  One never knows how close one stands.
from: The Passion of Artemisia
by: Susan Veeland

I have a bucket list item here.

If I continue to pedal my bike...Mon thru Friday to work and back, from now until the snow flies...will I be able to master the fine skill of riding with no hands?
I've started practicing.  And Im keenly disappointed by my lack of progress.  For just a few milliseconds my hand can hover just  above the handlebar..but then I quickly have to grab hold and adjust.  Heaven knows Im terrifed at the thought of a crash and burn on the asphalt...especially at my age.  But I think Im more terrified at no longer  being able to do new things.
So do you think I can learn?
Or, more accurately, can I re-learn?
I had this as a teenager.
I really want it back. I want the sense of accomplishment.  I want to overcome the fear.  I want the rush of adrenaline from days of my youth.
For I am wise enough to know that I probably shouldnt take on one of my other wilder long board.  Biking without hands seems more doable. ...and easier than learning to long board..and its probably safer too.
This old bird wants to learn new tricks.
So each morning on my way to work and each afternoon as I return home I will try to remove my hands from the grips of the bike for longer periods of time...until I succeed!!

P.S.- Im also thinking about making a halter top from 2 bandannas...then the drean will be complete!!


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