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Patience and boredom are closely related.  Boredom, a
certain kind of boredom, is really impatience.  You dont
like the way things are, they arent interesting enough for
you, so you decide - and boredom is a decision- that you are bored.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

Yoga turtle

#1 Make lists. - Lately I seem to be happy to do nothing.  Making a list and checking off accomplishments is a good thing.
#2 Make time to hike. - Im forgetting what it feels like to hike, to sweat, and to make it to a summit.
#3 Attend the temple. - Once a week was great. Once a month is doable.
#4 Start doing yoga. - $2 bucks is a small price to pay for kicking the rigamortis that is setting in to the curb.
#5 Have backyard parties. - We have a nice backyard, and I have a list of people I want to share it with.
#6  Create a new bucket list. Old one has disappeared...and its time to start looking forward to things again.
#7 Quit eating crap. - On the job eating is killing me.
#8 Show My Builder some appreciation. - He deserves it. We should hike together. (see #2)
#9 Improve the abode. - Home improvement projects are fun. There is Always something to do.
#10 Write every day. -Even if its only a list.  It could turn into something much more.
#11 Be a better grandparent. -Spend the time, and be creative.
#12 Cook again.  -Its time to do my part.
#13 Keep up appearances. I love my new dooo...and Im going to keep it that way.
#14 Find an app for my phone..for keeping lists. -duh
#15 Read again.  Its been months since I've cracked a book. Ive had one in my purse for ages.
#16 Sweat through the DT's of coming off Tumblr and Solitaire. -Limit it to minutes, not hours.
#17 Begin NOW!

Wish me luck...Peace

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Jared + Carly Reid said...

Love the list Aunt Cindy! #12 is soooooo hard when working full time. Ugh. Love you :) :) :)