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And Now I See The Moon

A Letter to a Friend

Its true that I do not speak as well as
I can think.  But that is true of most people,
as nearly as I can tell.
from: The Poisonwood Bible
by: Barbara Kingsolver

Lets be pen-pals!!
It'll be fun!!
May the thrill of getting real mail in our mailboxes never, ever, fade.

All is well here. With the exception of a sinking feeling in my heart when finding a tree on todays' excursion, whose leaves are already changing color.  Ugh!! How can this be!?!?  Its still August!!  I don't want to start hating Logan so soon.  8 months of cold weather just isnt right. Not on any level.

I live in the hope that this will be our LAST winter here.  I've pretty much laid down the law in fact.  I dont want to do 2 more winters here.  I also aspire and dream of finding a used hot tub to put out help the winter seem not so bitter a pill to swallow.  We're  hunting the pages of Craigslist and Wish us luck!! And that it wont break the bank.

Please dont concern yourself  about finding me a purse that matches my style.  (do I have a style?) Im a fickle 'style' is always changing.  Right now Im loving the  big bag...that smells divinely of real leather...that you so generously gifted to me.  It holds my notebook, and several novels and my huge wallet! I am happy!!  Plus it reminds me of you!!

I will be sure to tell Rob of your kind offer to use your beautiful pool. He just might take you up on it!!  I know he misses our do I.

It was lovely to get some news about Bloomington 5th ward! Thank you!! Its hard to believe that Garrett has already returned from his mission. I saw a picture of he and his brothers on facebook.  He does look terrific. Angie and David  must be thrilled to have him back.  Its a long 2 years!!

Im not surprised to hear about the Clarkes moving.  In fact, Im surprised it didnt happen sooner.  I wish it was me that could have knocked her door and offered to buy her home. I loved how unique it is.  A Frank Lloyd Wright style.  It reminded me of my neighborhood that I grew up in in Maryland.
Wouldnt it be fun to move into a condo in downtown Salt Lake?  Or better about downtown New York City.
Oops...Im showing my fickleness once again.
Down town N.Y. in a condo...
Or Ivins, Utah, at the foot of those red rocks.
How about this...
New York City for a year.
Ivins for the rest of my life, with a dash of Cancun and Lake Powell whenever I want.
This would be perfection.
Anyway..Im happy for the Clarkes.  They'll be happy up North.

So are you reading anything interesting?
Im enjoying

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Its the first book I've read in many months.  Yep...thats right...I said months.

Im planning a get away!!
I must!!
I thought my burger joint...where I work...was going to fold.  That possibility caused my mind to churn.
So I called Jude. My perfect co-conspirator.
It so happens that I have dear family that live in So. Cally.
It seems the stars are aligning.
It now looks as though our plans are really going to come together. Very soon I will be  spending a handful of days at the beach!!!!
My heart and soul can be replenished there.
And my dear Builder didnt even bat an eye at my request. I must have that look in my eye.  He knows I need this, especially before the snow flies...this California girl in me needs to have some sand between her toes and salt air brushing against her skin.  Im hoping to hit the road in a couple of weeks.  Even taking the time off at work has been easy. It must be that Im meant to go...FINALLY!!

I love you dear friend.  Time spent with you is always precious to me. I do hope it happens again soon!
Good luck in selling your home...if this is what you really desire.
And yes...our motto will be...keeping fighting the fight!!!
 Cant wait to hear from you new pen-pal!!  Im giddy with excitement!


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Sharon said...

Jenni sure enjoyed your visit! What a great place. It seems we dread the weather at opposite times of the year! Hang in there. Maybe we'll both end up somewhere balmy someday. Hope to see you both soon.