Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The future was also a place where bad stuff waited in ambush.
My children were embarking on their futures in fragile vessels,
and I trembled.  I wanted to  remove obstacles, smooth their way,
I wanted to to change their childhoods.  I needed to be right all
the time, I wanted them to listen to me, learn from my mistakes,
and save themselves a lot of grief.  Well now I know I can
control  my tongue, my temper, and my appetites, but thats it.
I have no effect on weather, traffic, or luck.  I cant make good
things happen. I cant keep anybody safe.  I cant influence the
future and I cant fix the past.  What a relief.
from: A Three Dog Life
by: Abigal Thomas

Sometimes I still cant believe my baby is really home from his mission!
Now he's here...driving me to Walmart.
moving bricks,
being incredibly artistic
All right here under my nose.
and I pinch myself.
He's going to go to school here.
He's received a government grant.
He's looking for a job...and has several really promising leads.
He's working out at the mill.
He's attending the student ward and their activities
and he's learning how to fly fish.
He's also attempting to help me with my computer headaches...and often succeeding!!

I am down-right blissful!!
Thats what it is...
sweet rewards for 2 years of deprivation!!

Watch out boy has his hands on the reins and intends to do more great things!!
Feeling the gratitude!!

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Carly Reid said...

YAY!! oh that is so exciting that he will go to school up there and be close to you!