Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
...there was a gentle time, the time in any summer
that seems suspended in a sort of still, green hiatus,
swung between two seasons, swaying almost
imperceptibly in the languorous currents of heat and
indolence. It is the time in our summers when children
and animals abandon their first summer-struck frenzies
of activity and motion and explorations and mischief;
they drift in shoals through backyard in the cool
mornings and the honey-suckle smelling twilight.
from: The House Next Door
by: Anne Rivers Siddons

We had a wonderful 4th of July kind of day.  Thanks to Clark and Jenna making the drive once again to come and hang with  us. 
For some unknown inexplicable  reason Logan relies on their version of "stadium of fire" here at the university..on July 3rd!!  so bazaar...  Luckily some stranger tipped us off on we noticed almost all the available lawn space in the vicinty of the stadium staked out with lawn chairs and blankets and tents early on the 3rd..a good and obvious clue!
So we broke away from our routine and went out for delicious frozen yougart with all the great toppings..and then found a spot to sit and relax among the crowds to watch the fireworks show.  It was delightful and even impressive what our little town  displayed in the form of pyro technics!  Inside the stadium...Kansas was playing...and we didnt hear a note...sorry to say.  But the sky was brilliant with fireworks and a spectacular full moon to boot!! BEAUTIFUL and patriotic!!  It was Ben's first 4th..and he seemed to enjoy the show!  (didn t have a camera dang it!!)

The next day (the 4th)  was full of fun, laid back activities with the kids. 
Clark and Jenna took a tour of the Mill.  They asked a lot of questions and were dully impressed. A kitten wandered up under the fence to Anna and Davids front lawn and into our arms...a gorgous kitten with black fur and blue eyes..just begging us to make him the mouser that we desperately need for the Mill.  I think the name Lester has stuck to him like glue.  Picture of the handsome guy to follow shortly.  Watch out  few short months your free meal of corn and safflower seeds will come with great risk!!!

  Jenna had us running circles around our car at one point...its been more years than I can count since I've participated in a Chinese firedrill!! Good times!!
Next we visited Logan's small, but well kept zoo.  I think it may be more fair to call it an avairy...due to a greater quanity of birds on display than mammals....but worth a visit never-the-less. Its a great cheap date!!


Then we had a picnic at my favorite park here in Logan...the Merlin Olson Park...( though there are so many parks here that it'll be a while before I can say that I've sampled them all.) we relaxed and napped and visited and relaxed some more.  I love parks...with their people and kids and aromas of food grilling and the smell of grass and trees.  I love even more being in a park with my family!!

We made friends with our picnic neighbors...they kept bringing us amazing tasty treats!

A few of us then went up to Second Dam to check out the rope swing and all the fishermen.  Two days before, Brian and I were there and were highly entertained by the kids climbing the tree to swing down and out over the water and plunge  into icy cold mountian run-off.  Yesterday we came down the trail and noticed that the swing was gone....BECAUSE THE TREE WAS GONE!! two days time had come in and cut down the tree!!  STYMIED!!!What the heck is that about!!!!???  Litigation worries to be sure.  Curses to the  sue happy people !!!
Not to be out done...Brian, Clark and Jenna decide to go ahead and brave the cold water and take a dip anyway.  There is not enough money in the world to tempt me to enter those waters!!

Later, my good Builder brought the makings for the so'mores...and we enjoyed a campfire and good company and conversation to round out the evening. 
All in all I think it was a  near perfect day...
Joe and his family are camping for a they were happy and accounted for...
We did long to have Rob and Chelsea and the grands join us though.....
I guess its really true that there's no such thing as true perfection.


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Chelsea said...

What the He!! is clark wearing for a suit! Is that my brother or has something happened to him? Im surprised to see that jenna has stuck around with that crazy guy! Ha Ha. well maybe he will grow out of it.