Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
 My Uncle Sol had a skunk farm but
the skunks caught cold and died
and so my Uncle Sol imitated the
skunks in a subtle manner.
-ee cummings

Poor Spark...this is the look I get when I ask my incesstant computer questions.  It a simular look when we ask him math questions...he just cant understand that our brains arent anything like his...we DONT GET STUFF the way he does!!
But Spark is also generous and always thoughtful.  He bought me a new laptop the other day!! He was watching my other computer disintegrate before our eyes...and being the techno savvy guy that he is...always watching for the deals...and not being able to stand watching me work on an inferior machine..a shiny new laptop arrived at my door addressed to me!!
Im afraid of it
Im afraid of messing it up.
Afraid of the new things I have to learn.
Afraid that its not behaving as my old  one did...which Im sure is a good thing...
And when Im afraid...Im really just frustrated. 
I am so often renedered helpless by a computer.
Thats what Im feeling this week.
More patience is required.
Why dont they send patience along in the box that holds undecipherable manuals and cords...MORE PATIENCE PLEASE!!
or a geek in my back pocket.

love you!!!

(Im also afraid that Im going to be hired for a full time job here soon! Wont that be a drastic change for little ol me!!??  Wont that cramp my style!!!)
Change is hard.
Change is good.
Change is necessary.

Holding on for dear life here!!!

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Carly Reid said...

that is awesome about a job and your new computer! what new computer did he get you? and what job do you think you are going to get????