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Sunday Ramblings

You should know now that a man of knowledge lives by acting,
not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he
will think when he has finished acting. A man of
knowledge chooses a path with heart and follows it.
from: The E Myth
quoting- A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

D is for: Dearest Darling Grandchildren,

I've been told in a blessing that one of the things I should accomplish in this life is to leave a convincing witness of what I believe and pass it on to my children's children to be more persice.  This was/is my main objective for blogging....that some day these amazing kids, which I adore and which have a small amount of my DNA swimming in their veins, will know what silly Mimi knows. 
I now plan to write them letters.  And see how it goes.  
They are so young, and Im kinda old.
I may have a lot to say, or maybe not...but at least I'll give it a shot...cause I LOVE them so!!!

So here it goes:

D is for Dearest Darling Grandchildren,
You dont know something about least not yet.  But I abhor public speaking. Mimi gets ill at even the thought of standing before people to say something.  I would much rather write!!
I come from a long line of maternal writers.  My mother, your great-grandmother, and her mother before her all wrote letters to their loved ones.  My goal here is to improve upon the constructiveness of our letter writing. I pray that I can be successful in this endeavor.
 Letters are supposed to edify, teach, uplift, encourage, inform, and express gratitude. And how about that.....Grandma's are supposed to do the same things!!! Plus adding a bit of spoiling too!!!

This week I have been thinking about apostles and prophets.
When people ask me what makes Mormonism unique among Christian churches, this is what I tell them--
We have a prophet!!  We have 12 apostles!!  Just like Jesus had when He was here on the earth setting up His church.  Jesus and Heavenly Father came back, because God is an unchanging God, and They taught Joseph Smith how to set up His church once again.  They gave Joseph the authority, the priesthood authority, to do so.
This week I am grateful for the apostle Russel M.  Nelson- because he spoke so lovingly and directly to us about how to find happiness here on earth.
My sweet babies...may you grow to love and appreciate that we have these men, called of God, to lead and guide and teach us in this day and age.  May you listen to  their modern day revelation, and may the Spirit of Truth whisper to you that these men are true messengers of God.  May you learn for yourself that the heavens are open and that a loving,  all knowing, caring  Heavenly Father is there to listen and to help us if we but ask and listen.
Mimi is rather simple minded sometimes...most of the time, but I have had witnesses of the Spirit that these things Im telling you are true.
By the way...I think you can have favorite Apostles.  I dont think that its wrong or a bad thing...just like we all have favorite teachers, friends and toys.
This week I gained a real appreciation for for the heart surgeon turned apostle. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the silver haired pilot who is a master at telling us modern day parables.   I miss our prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley, but I have now learned to love and appreciate our prophet that stands at the head of our church now. Thomas S. Monson.  I think there may be no one more selfless than he.  We have lawyers, doctors, businessmen, entupenures, all who have laid down their nets and have given up much to become fishers of men!! There are so many men, and women- women who serve in high profile positions in the church--who all sacrifice much to become full time emissaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
As you dear little ones grow up, you will also have 'favorites' that you look forward to hearing at Conferences or reading in publications.  And just like your favorite blankets, lambies, toys, movies and comfort foods, our apostles come in all manner of sizes, hair quality, speaking abilities, nationalities and back  grounds, which of course then lends to different presentations of Gospel principals.  Thats what I find so engaging!!
So remember my loves- Jesus called apostles and prophets when He was here...why would He cease to do so now? When we need them the most?!
This is a short blurb from my new  favorite apostle  Next time a different apostle will say something that'll go straight to my heart...and then he'll be my new favorite!!
I love you more than life my loves,

artwork by Lachlan.."its me hugging you, Mimi."



Pam Hill said...

Very sweet Cindy, and how much it will come to mean to your little darlings! You inspire me.

Lisa said...

So cute! You are building memories and sharing testimony...perfectly!