Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Reposting....from 2007

Happy Birthday !!!

Here's another guessing game! Another favorite family member is pictured here. Guess who!? (This one will be a bit harder)
Here we are boasting our fuzzy, soft sweaters, knitted for us by our grandmother.
We didn't grow up near one another, but whenever we got together, we easily fell into being the chums we still are.
Oh the memories... of cutting each others hair down in the basement of our grandmothers home on 3rd Ave. Much to the horror of our grandmother.
We'd fish with her father in a Logan resevoir, then fry up those trout for breakfast! yum
We even went on a special trip with our grandmother, to Disneyland, as young girls. We flew in a helocopter to the hotel!! wow
We had good times, my favorite cousin and I!!
Happy Birthday Ann!!!!

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