Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

I REALLY Enjoy the People I Work With!!

This little clip doesn't even nearly introduce all the people that I work with each week. We guides now number about 10! They are all wonderful ladies and man(1). Have I said out loud, this week, how much I love my job?!
What I know: I'm the luckiest old lady there is. I plan to work hard to keep my status as the most senior (not in age, but in length of time working for Fitness Ridge) as a hiking guide. I may not be the fastest hiker, but I make up for it with enthusiasm!!!!


linda said...

What an amazing job! I can see why you love it so interesting!

Mom&Dom said...

Hi Cindy, this is Amanda... you'd probably remember my Mom's name Lisa Lindquist.. I live in St. George and she's down here now visiting and she wanted to contact you. Please call me at 435-256-3263 if you get this message! We'd all love to catch up!!

Barbara said...

WOW!! It is beautiful in "Your neck of the woods".. what a fun job to be out in nature everyday!
I am jealous:)
Fondly, B.

Judy said...

1200 calories? Really? I drink that much in a day!
No - I really am jealous. You are my fitness hero!