Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Time can play all sorts of tricks on you. In the
blink of an eye, babies appear in carriages, coffins
disappear in the ground, wars are won and lost,
and children transform, like butterflies, into adults.
from: The Invention of Hugo Cabret
by: Brian Selznick

my goofball..with a heart of gold...before entering the academy today.

What do you do when one of your children doesn't do what you tell him to do?! He's 30+ years old for heck sake!! Doesn't he know better by now!!!??  Doesn't mommy always know whats best?!
It probably never really worked that way...I've been delusional for a long time I suppose.
But now...
what this 'boy' of mine has chosen to do for the rest of his life has driven me to distraction and worry.
I can tell that this will be an ongoing process...getting accustomed to his new profession.
But my trip to Vegas Sunday night was well worth the mileage. I was introduced to the fine men and women of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.  My breast now swells with pride along with a little less fear and trepidation. Rob is in for a very rough 6 months as he makes his way through the police looks to be a boot camp on steroids. (boot camp is only 6 week not 6 MONTHS)  I get a little weak-kneed thinking about what he'll be put through to come out strong and safe and confident on the other side....but I now do understand that he's in the best of hands. And I know he's as excited as a little kid about the challenges and at becoming one of Las Vegas's finest. I can also feel his butterflies!!!  Im asking the friends and family to pray for him and his good, good wife, who supports him whole-heartedly. Its going to be a tough row for the next 6 months...and they both will  need all the support they can get.   Stay tuned for the metamorphosis of a mother of a newly made cop!! (Feel free to pray for  me too!! I'll need it!!!)
PSS- is it politically correct to call the men in blue (or brown) cops?  Or is it policeman?

These are his bags of police goodies...baton, handcuff, belts and things I probably dont want to know about...uniforms, workout clothes, manuals etc etc.  Sort of like Christmas...but not.  For me each item holds a little foreboding.

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