Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Isola doesnt approve of small talk and believes
in breaking the ice by stomping on it.
from: The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel...
by: Mary Ann Shaffer

 This seriously could be his head!! He said he was enjoying the back row..for there is more room to do the push-ups!!

So this is Robs class of fellow recruits.  Somewhere in that sea of shaved heads is our Robby.  He has completed his first week...the first 2 days.  He has been patient enough to talk to me each night about his experiences.  First off...I can hear the satisfaction and enjoyment hes having in his voice, as well as the fatigue.  The 2nd day was physically demanding to be demanding that the class of 70 recruits has already been reduced to 65!! But my 'boy' his happy.  He's pretty confident that he 'can DO this!!"  I am so very relieved that he can stand up to the psychological torment.  I know hes plenty strong...but a mommy worries about what I believe to be his tender soul.  But he WANTS this he is indeed  going to do this!!!
Chelsea seems to be holding up great too!! She's the domestic goddess and has yummy, warm meals waiting for him when he gets home.  Thats a Big deal!! He has mentioned them to me both nights that we've visited!! He's so tired and so hungry after his day!!  Rock Stars one and all!!
If you too are interested in following him and his class you can go Here and like the page

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