Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
And she felt it. Her father's heart beating there
inside of him.  It felt very certain, very strong,
and very large. Just like Dr. Meescham had 
said: capacious.
from: Flora and Ulysses
by: Kate DiCamillo

This boy of mine has gone and done it..again.
He has married well...not so very long ago.
And he provides well.
And above all, Joe is a family man.  All that he is and does is for his beautiful family.

Joe is a man of quiet greatness.
Like his mom...he'll never be known as a conversationalist. But he is a rock!! Wherever he goes he quietly makes his mark, and quietly rises to the top. He quietly gains the admiration, respect and love of all who know him. Everyone wants him on their team!!
  He has used his natural propensities to grow and develop into a very talented and gifted sales rep and manager. And when I say natural propensities I mean it!! From a very early age this guy had the eye of a classy dresser. (And we all know he didnt learn this from his parents!! ) When I was buying jeans at Target for his brothers and sister...he insisted on paying his portion to 'upgrade' to the best jeans that money could buy. Here is proof positive that kids come to us with their own distinct gifts and personalities!!  What we were willing to pay for a piece of denim and a zipper was far less than what was acceptable to him.  His passion for appearances is paying off well for him!! Way to go my love!!
I joked with him the other day when we visited his store. I speculated that he could find us a real source of embarrassment as we come traipsing into his store in our outdated, frumpy clothes. He just smiled and said no. (Isnt that sweet of him?) This 'good fruit' did seem to fall a little further out from the tree as far as 'care of raiment' is concerned.

 (he's wearing a tux!!!)

The night of the Jos A Banks Christmas party our Joe was given an award. His store and two others made over $500,000 in sales in a years time. Only 3 people out of 200 won!! And to think that he's only been with Jos A Banks for less than 2 years!! He's got a good thing going on!! So very, very proud of him!! And proud of gorgeous Natalie for her support and being such an amazing mom to their beautiful kids!!

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