Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Unless you are good looking,
extremely funny or otherwise
incredibly charming, plan on
bringing something to the party.
from: Put a Cherry on It
by: Ben Behunin

This is dear Beckham...and he IS charming, funny and he's THREE today!! I want to party with him until I can no longer party!!

This little handsome man is always happy to see me!!  He loves having books read to him...and most endearing of all...he likes to sing the songs from the movie FROZEN.  I wish all could hear his raspy, deep voice, singing words we cant quite understand but are still in perfect harmony with the song LET IT GO!! Priceless!!!
He's always smiling...and he loves his little baby sister.
I think he may be perfection...with those big brown eyes and a tender disposition. I'd be happy have him as my shadow, anytime!!
And right now he LOVES Mickey Mouse!! Not Iron man or Spiderman or all other things Marvel and testosterone riddled...just sweet, adorable Mickey Mouse for sweet adorable Beckham


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Natalie Stephenson said...

Love my boy! Wish you could party with us!