Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The very first telephonic conversation, between Bell
and Watson, standing in separate rooms, contained
these words; "come here, I want to see you." In the
uncountable human phone conversations since then,
that concept has never been far from our lips. "Come
here. I want to see you." Impatient lovers, long distance
friends.  Grandparents talking to grandchildren. The
telephone voice is but a seduction, a bread crumb 
to an appetite.  "Come here.  I want to see you."
from: The First Phone Call From Heaven
by: Mitch Albom

Presidents Day was spent down in Salt Lake partying with some of the grands.   It was Beckhams birthday ...a few days before...and we wanted to add our two cents to the celebration.
Having Benjamin join us was a small bit of spontaneous genius.  Ripping him from the clutches of his mothers arms...was a small miracle.

All in all it was a wonderful day...a break to remember.  These faces never fail to melt my frozen Logan heart....every single time we see them.  What a blessing each one of them are to our lives.
This is a glimpse of the day:
Mommy told Ben to take a nap while driving down to Salt Lake.   Ben closed his eyes before we even left their parking lot and pretended to be sleeping, until he was in fact sleeping. Such obedience...a rare thing indeed.
Next we met at THE HABIT for yummy burgers and those delicious tempura green beans...a new favorite of mine.  Ben had his 'mommy-made' PB and honey sandwich, apple slices, and red pepper wedges, which completely satisfied him.  (again...who is this child!!!??)
Then we walked across the parking lot to Scheels.  There's always call to see the gigantic fish tank..full of Nemos, and the fun zone to play in.  Fun was had by all!!
Then we said our good-byes...oh how we love these kiddos...and its hard to say good-bye.  Even knowing that I'll see them again..sometime soon.
Next were some business errands to run...which included a cool pet store of course.  Our little man Ben was great company.
The only 'fail' of the day...not being able to meet up with Brian and Mericar as planned.  Darn work, Darn reality.   Disappointing.
But all I have to do to cheer myself up is to look at this pics...and then Im feeling grateful once again.
The drive home seemed quicker than normal...for Ben was talkative...and half-way thru he requested some MJ.  MJ???? What does that mean??  Could it possibly be Michael Jackson!!?? Indeed it was little man is a M J fan!! How can I not adore that!!!???

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Sharon said...

I LLLOOOOVVVVEEE your tree!!!!!!!!!!!! You definitely have a deep well of talent and creativity to fill your "spare" time and retirement! It's obvious that your darling grand children fill it most, however. I'm so excited for you, though!!