Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
..politeness is the lubrication that makes the gears of
society turn smoothly.  Without it the parts start
grinding against one another, wearing one another down.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

I have a brilliant, funny, adorable cousin, who lives a long ways away.  She's a class act and a true southern belle. And she's a Sharp.
 Thats a good thing...and sometimes its not. I know, 'cause Im a Sharp too...without the class and the good manners.
Sharps have inherent non-sociability traits.  Many of us are doomed. Its an uphill battle to overcome said traits, especially if you're over 50 and set in your ways.  Sharps seem perfectly happy hang'in  with what they know.  (of course Im guilty of generalizing a bit...but over all I believe Im correct.)
dum dah dum dum...
Lynley is like me...or..I strive to be more like her...for our 'deficiency'  doesnt sit right with either of us. There is something wrong with a picture when  there are cousins that we dont know. Wonderfully, Lynley does things about it.
Lynley came to Utah.  With great effort and sacrifice she came west.  This made me love her even more. And..she grew to love and appreciate Utah..for a she added another degree to here portfolio while she was here.  Utah State touched her life.
I miss her. I wish we could see one another more often...more than once every 10 yrs or so anyway. Im wishing her the best and all the happiness she deserves!
Bless you..and keep on doing what you do to make this world a better place!!

Old Sharps!!
Joe, Merv, Steven

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