Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
One must ask children and birds how
 cherries and strawberries taste. 
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I've become alarmed.
Im into my 8th day of experiencing a nasty cold.
What's  seriously alarming now is that I cant smell.
I hung sprigs of eucalyptus in my shower.  Its a favorite scent of mine. Warm steams heighten its fragrance.
I cant smell a thing.

I have a new candle that I burn in my window when I write.
I cant smell a thing.

I test the contents of the salad bar with my nose every check for freshness.
I cant smell a thing.

Anna changed Ben's dirty diaper just inches from me.
I cant smell a thing.

I brew the first pots of coffee in the morning before we open the doors.
I cant smell a thing.

But let me be clear. Not smelling my world isnt half as bad as ...NOT BEING ABLE TO TASTE MY WORLD!!!

Is the best pizza in town still the best pizza?
Is Pepsi still the best drink ever devised?
Does cheesecake delight my taste buds as it should?


I cant taste any of it.
This is disturbing, to say the least. Why eat at all if you cant enjoy all the flavors and combinations?!
I squooze a lime on my pizza this evening, and I couldnt identify it.
Im quite freaked out about this recent development.
Will my taste buds recover?  (Can you hear how hard Im trying to suppress my panic!!!?)

My Builder has become a drug quite annoying.  I know he's just trying to help, but I fear that there's nothing in his little medicine basket that can help this.
I pray that this is just a temporary misfortune,  and that I'm experiencing yet another lesson in gratitude and patience with the absence of these finer senses.
May the gods of good health smile on me once again.  For I dont need yet one more reason to blame Logan, Utah for disaster.

p.s- Even though I've been trying hard lately to loose some weight that working at the Grill has added to my waste-line...this is NOT the method I choose!!

p.s.s.- I have noticed, and you may have as well, that my tagging system for my posts on the right has seen an increase in the number of posts written under the heading, "Here's Me Complaining" I apologize. I truly am trying to not always be whining.

p.s.s.s.- I am positive that My dear Builder will be alarmed with this post.  He just spent precious money on a lovely dinner for me, that I faked enjoying.  Im sorry my love.  Just know that half the pleasure of the night was just being out on the town with you.


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