Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Because Promtheus had stolen fire from the gods, Zeus decided
 to punish mankind by sending them Pandora, the first woman.
She had every gift- beauty, charm, skill in women's work-
 but she was a "tempting snare"and a "nagging burden."  Before
 she came to earth, men lived happily, untouched by troubles
 and disease. Pandora, whom Zeus made "to be  evil for mortal man,"
was she "from whom comes the fair sex; yes, wicked womenfolk are her descendants.
from: Theogony -Hesiod
quoted in: Sisters at the Well

(the only reason...besides the need for go to work each day is this fine woman, my dear boss!)

My Builder has discovered a way to ease my load at work.
One morning, quite by accident, he discovered that I haul down 20 heavy chairs from off the tabletops and roll out nasty rugs before opening the Grill. (among other things)
Now each morning when My Builder drives me to work, (I havent worked out the bus schedule from here) he parks the truck and comes in to help me.
He does the chairs and rugs and now seems to get a thrill in turning on the shake machine.
Bless him.

My Builder may do this to ease some guilt?
But mostly he behaves like this because he is a true gentleman and he loves me.  (He may also be afraid that my uterus might drop out...due to all the heavy lifting.)
Im very appreciative.
But I guess I'd be more appreciative if I didnt have to work so hard.
I'd be thrilled if the rabbit food business could begin to support us.

I'm wary and worried already about my bad attitude...again.
Things could prove to get a lot worse for me here soon,  very soon.  Snow and much colder weather is on the thats incorrect, its at my front door already.  Cold weather alters my mood.
Winter is my plague, and its already here to stay.

Truly there is no upside to winter, no matter how hard "winter-lovers" try to beef these  next months up in their minds.

Winter Lovers speak with fondness of  Fireplaces, and hot chocolate, sledding and skiing and cute sweaters,  hats and gloves. (all indicators of Hades.)

Summer Lovers like me long for laid back BBQ's and cold Pepsi, beaches and hiking with flip flops and shorts.

Dont Winter Lovers notice the puddles at the back door and all the extra clothing it requires to stay warm?? What about the extra expense for said warm, itchy clothing and heating!!!??

I would rather mow the lawn and live in shorts and YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN FOOD in the warmer months!!

hear my sigh...
This too shall pass, eventually...
Meanwhile I'll take My Builders help whenever I can.
His service warms my heart.


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Sharon Mae said...

If I had your legs, maybe I would like summer better! Hop on that Allegiant flight from Ogden to Mesa and come warm up whenever you'd like to. I'm sure Bob would love to send you and brighten your days!